3 Healthy Changes I Made in January That I Plan on Sticking To…

3 healthy changes I made in January, have me feeling super healthy & energized and I have no plans on stopping as I move throughout 2019…

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  • drink less wine
  • drink less coffee
  • eat less meat


Without really intending to have a dry January, I pretty much had one. I say “pretty much” because I did wind up having a few glasses of wine, but not much at all, really. I never wanted to make some big proclamation to not drink for the entire month – I didn’t want to feel like I was failing if I winded up have a glass here & there – but I just really had no desire to drink wine for most of the month. I’d image that feeling had something to do with just coming off the holidays, where everyone over indulges in food & drink.

As a result of drinking very little wine, I feel super energetic, my mind is clear, my skin is glowing and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I have zero issues sleeping, however, when I drink wine, it absolutely disrupts my sleep. I initially fall asleep hard, however, I wake up in the middle of the night hot & sweaty + tossing and turning, rather than sleeping soundly thru the night.

I have never really been a big drinker but since Adam and I have been together, I have gotten into the habit of having wine with him almost every night of the week with dinner. I hate to say it, but I got to the point when I could have 3 glasses (on the weekends) and feel fine the next day because my tolerance increased so much from drinking wine so regularly. Going from drinking wine every night to having nothing really goes to show that so many of the things we do in life are nothing more than a habit. If your used to pouring a glass or two every night, it will take a few days for your body & mind to adjust to not sipping on that vino, but I’m telling you, you will feel AMAZING if you go for a prolonged period of time without drinking.

Now that January has passed, I am sticking with enjoying my wine Thursday – Saturday. Of course the occasional week day glass of wine will happen depending on having a special event or celebrating a birthday or something like that, but Thursday – Saturday is the plan.

Have you given up or cut back on anything / working on a certain goal since the new year started?


I have been wanting to drink less coffee for several months, yet every morning I find myself drinking the entire French Press – again. 🤦🏻‍♀️  I made a conscious effort come 2019, to finally cut back on my coffee consumption. I made a small goal to swap my coffee for matcha at least 2x a week and I have done it every week except for one and that’s only because I ran out of my matcha powder – I adore Vital Proteins Matcha Powder + Collagen – I love knowing I’m getting a little beauty boost along with my morning matcha. My new favorite thing to do is just have one cup of coffee, then switch to matcha.

Several years ago, I found myself with adrenal fatigue due to drinking too much coffee. I was in the habit of drinking coffee 2-3x a day! Just reading that sentence sounds crazy to me. {just another example of so many things we do being purely out of habit} 😉 I totally picked that up from my parents. They drink coffee in the morning, again around 1pm and often, a third time in the evening. I guess its just the European in us! {lol} Coffee doesn’t make me jittery at all, but it does make me sweat more easily and gives me hot flashes. I’ve been experiencing those two symptoms a lot more lately, which is my body telling me to pump the breaks on the coffee. I don’t have a sensitivity to caffeine, rather, to coffee. That sounds kind of weird, but it’s true.

Are you a big coffee drinker?


I’d like to preface this “less meat” portion of the post by saying, I actually don’t eat that much meat. However, it is totally normal to go thru phases with all kinds of things – workouts, food, and just habits in general – and I feel like I slipped into a phase of eating a bit more meat than I care to. Well, more than I should be, really.
I LOVE meat. All of it – chicken, fish, a good filet, pork, lamb, sausage – but with that being said, I know eating less meat is just healthier. I’d also like to note that I eat a crazy amount of greens & veggies – my diet is highly plant based.

I’m a big believer in doing what makes you feel your best. For me, that includes eating loads of organic greens, colorful veggies, fresh fruits and animal protein. When it comes to choosing what type/quality of meat, I believe in choosing sustainable meats like grass fed beef or organic, free range chicken.

When shopping for meat, look for labels that say:

  • hormone free
  • antibiotic free
  • vegetarian fed
  • pasture raised
  • grass fed
  • choose skinless vs. with skin on {the skin is where many of the antibiotic & hormones live} if your not going to go for the higher quality

these are much healthier options if your going to consume meat.

Wrapping up above, I would fancy myself a Flexitarian. I love greens & veggies so much, and often have entire vegetarian days, however, I still enjoy eating & feel my best when including animal protein in my diet. Remember, everything in moderation, is good practice when its comes to health & wellness.

Are you a meat eater?

Would love for you guys to join this conversation in the comments below.

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