30 Days til Spring!

Confidence is Silent. Insecurities are loud.

Hiya & Happy 30 Days til Spring! So as of today, this countdown is legit. No more messin’ around. What did  you do today to get that body movin’ and shakin’ !? Remember, summer bodies are made in the winter and I hate to be the one to keep on reminding ya, but your cold, winter days of bundling up and hiding are numbered. (thank goodness!!) It really is a beautiful thing that each and every day, you wake up and you have the opportunity to start over. In my amazing yoga class on Sunday morning, my instructor started & ended the class with a quote that I just completely fell in love with and want to share with you all…I’m of course paraphrasing this, as did my yoga teacher. “You can choose to make your body a vessel of happiness or a vessel of misery” I mean, how true is this!? Personally, I know that I have made the choice in my life to make this body, this temple that I’ve been given, a vessel of Happiness. What’s your choice? #truth

Oatmeal, Eggs & Brussel Sprouts

Brekkie of Scrambled Eggs, 1 whole, 2 whites & Brussels Sprouts + Plain Oatmeal

Fresh & Dried Fruits

Midi Snacks: Fresh & Dried Fruits…
gala apple, papaya, dried mango, mulberry & Goji Berries

Whole Foods

Dropped into Whole Foods to grab a latte, grilled chicken breast & made this mix box of goodness. Quinoa, carrots, roasted butternut squash, eggplant & peppers. I ate 1/2 the chicken breast & half of this mix of veggies pre workout and saved the other half for post workout.

Mixed Salad


Dinner was this salad & meatloaf! MMMM That does it for today’s eats, moving on to my gym sesh…

I felt awesome, even a little shaky after this workout!

Warm Up: Treadmill – 15 minutes
Walk, 10 minutes @ 4.0
Jog/Run, 5 minutes, 1 min @ 5.5, 2 min @ 6.0, 2 min @ 6.5

Circuit: Burn through this 3 OR 4 times, if your feelin’ it 😉
BOSU Ball: Unilateral, Glute/Ham Raises: 30 sec, each leg
BB Bench Press: 30 reps
Balancing: Leg Lifts (resistance band around ankles, if you have one) 30 sec, each side
Alternating Reverse Lunges: 1 minute
Side Plank Hip Raises (feet stacked on BOSU, if your able to) 12 reps, each side
KB Squat & Swing: 1 minute

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness

And some tunes…a couple to get you motivated when your workin’ it and one for whenever, drive time, some daydreaming or just kickin’ it… xoxo

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