6 Style Secrets To Keep Your Closet Classic & On Trend

would you believe that this skirt is about 10 years old!?

Anthropologie Red Floral Midi Skirt - Summer Outfit Inspiration - Lauren Schwaiger
Lauren Schwaiger - Charlotte, NC Style Blog
Classic Red Floral Midi Skirt - Lauren Schwaiger Style Blog
Classic Summer Style - Midi Skirt - White Tank - Lauren Schwaiger
Red Floral Midi Skirt - Summer Style Inspiration - Lauren Schwaiger
Classic Summer Style - Red Floral Midi Skirt - Lauren Schwaiger
summer style inspiration - Lauren schwaiger style blog
Lauren Schwaiger - Lifestyle Blog
Summer Midi Skirt - Lauren Schwaiger Style Blog
yup, that’s right! I got this skirt {probably on sale} about 10 years ago from Anthropologie. I guess that would make it semi- vintage, right!? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to consign this skirt and something inside of me just couldn’t let it go. I’ve gone years without wearing this flowy, floral number, but I knew there would come a time where I would love wearing it all over again. Everything about this skirt is just so classic – the cut, the length, the floral print + I adore the color red. That time has been this summer and pulling this pretty skirt out of the closet has got me thinking about my own personal style. While my style continues to evolve year after year, there is one thing that holds true – my style is simple & classic.
I suppose I get some of this from observing my mother since I was a little girl – they way she dresses and carries herself has always been so classy & elegant and I’ve always loved her timeless style.

As a blogger, there is definitely pressure to always have all of the new things – clothes, bags, shoes – but I believe in quality over quantity. My closet is full of high & low pieces… actually, more like mid-range pieces, rather than low. Fast Fashion stores such as H&M & Forever21 definitely stock super cute, trendy pieces, however, I don’t want my closet full of clothing from these stores because unfortunately, the quality just isn’t made to last. A couple of my favorite “fast fashion” shops, but are better quality, are Mango & Zara. It is SO easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, buying, wearing, posting and doubt yourself but remember to always stay true to your own style, what you feel good & confident in, what makes you happy and just be YOU! {that last part can kind of feel geared more towards bloggers, but it really does go for anyone – blogger or not} Somewhere in my mid-twenties I made a decision to be a bit more deliberate with my purchases. This is coming from a girl that used to shop with no direction, wear things once, and give away clothes with the tags still on because I really had no sense of my own personal style. With all that being said, if any of my rambling resonates with you, you identify with my style and/or your looking to refine your style & wardrobe, then take note of my style secrets below!

6 Style Secrets To Keep Your Closet Classic & On Trend

DEFINE YOUR STYLE. if your struggling to hone your own style, start by seeking some #styleinspo from Instagram and/or Pinterest – there is no shortage of outfit inspiration on these platforms! Create a Collection on Instagram or a Board – public or private – on Pinterest to save your favorites! Find people who’s style you love and identify with and recreate looks based on what suits your style most! From here, take inventory of your closet. I bet you’ll be surprised how many clothes are hanging in your closet that you haven’t worn in months or years and you’ll never wear again. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make the cut!

CONSIGN + REINVEST. the beauty of investing in quality clothes is the ROI. {return on your investment}. I used to be awful at purging, but I actually love it now! 2-3x a year, {typically at the change of seasons} I sort thru my closet and consign items I know I won’t wear again once that season returns.
Bring your gently used pieces to a local consignment shop {if your here in Charlotte, I love J.T Posh. Their spots fill up fast, so be sure to make an appointment well in advance} or take advantage of one of the online options such as Poshmark. I have yet to sell on Poshmark but have a ton of friends who use it and love it. Take the money you made from consigning and reinvest it into new items for the coming season. voilà, you have a new wardrobe without breaking the bank! For designer items, I have used The RealReal several times for high-end pieces and made out very well!

STALK THE SALES. you guys know I am a major sale shopper! Nearly everything I own has been purchased on sale. Subscribe to newsletters for sale alerts & free shipping to your favorite stores and keep an eye on any pieces your coveting to go on sale. Retailers are constantly having sales, even if its not a huge, 50% off sale, still keep your eyes peeled. Even if its just 15-20% off, you can score some type of savings, especially if its something you just have to have!
Additionally, some of my favorite shops like Madewell {Madewell Insider} or Nordstrom {earn Nordstrom Notes with Nordstrom Rewards} have awesome reward programs where you can save even more. Another personal favorite, Anthropologie, has great sales, and even their sale goes on sale. {hello!} When shopping online, if your not sure if a brands sizing runs small or large, order 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit. For luxury pieces, Last Call from Neiman Marcus has killer deals that are pretty tough to pass up!

INVEST IN VERSATILE PIECES. there’s nothing like pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. tee’s, tanks, sweaters & cardigans & jackets are all great, double duty pieces and are fun for layering during the colder months of the year. I recommend sticking with neutrals – white, black, nude, grey – to get the most bang for your buck with these items.

BE PICKY WITH PRINTS & TRENDS. some prints, like florals and leopard, stand the test of time. Others hang around for one season and then their long gone. If your loving on a popular print or trend, {pom-poms are one that come to mind} I’d suggest shopping those items at a store like Mango or Zara. Spending 30-40 bucks on a pom-pom top vs. $100+ hurts a little less when you realize your never going to wear it again. {lol}

COLOR vs. NEUTRALS. while I love the thought of a super minimal wardrobe consisting only of shades of white, black & grey, I wouldn’t be true to me if I didn’t wear pretty pops of color! As I mentioned earlier, I love red – it is one of my favorite colors and always will be! At the end of the day, it all goes back to what you love and want to wear. So if you want to dress in all black everything, go for it! If you want to wear pink and every other pretty color – do that. I do tend to stick with not going overboard on any one thing. This outfit for instance, the skirt is the statement piece here, so I kept everything else super simple.

Sharing a few classic skirts below!

What are some of your style secrets!? Share with me in the comments below.
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! xx

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