7 Summer Scents to Fall For

Hello my beauties! I am so excited to share this SCENTsational post with you all today! Something I haven’t talked much about here on Le Blog, but have such a love for… the magical &  wondrous world of fragrance. I’ve been obsessed with scents since I’ve been a little girl and my love for fragrance has only gotten stronger as I’ve grown older. I’ve had scents stop me in my tracks, transporting me to a memory, a person, a place…our sense of smell is this powerful, amazing thing!

The right scent is the simplest statement of beauty & grace. A spritz or two of perfume is a part of my daily ritual and makes me feel beautiful & sexy in the most subtle way. One of my favorite little luxuries, is a spot of perfume after a shower & before crawling into bed is such a lovely way to end the day. (and Adam loves it, too. 😉 )
Below is a selection of scents that I have used throughout the years or have more recently fallen in love with + I have consulted with the lovely ladies in fragrance at Neiman Marcus to add a few more fabulous fragrances to my wish list!
Some are pricey, I know, but if you think about the simple happiness they bring + how long they last, its totally worth the investment, don’t you think!? 🙂


“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing.”

— Gianni Versace

I have been in love with this scent for about 2 years now, ever since my mom discovered it while on a cruise. She brought home the entire set for me, her & my sister and the 3 of us have been obsessed (!!) ever since. This is one of my favorite fragrances sitting in my bathroom and I find myself reaching for it over others, every day. This unisex scent also makes a great cologne for the men – Adam actually went thru a bottle of it all on his own! 🙂
 *I also have & wear the Au The Vert perfume, as well. It smells of green tea and is so light & lovely for the summer, too!

Adams mom got me a sweet little sample set with both Daisy & Daisy Dream and I totally took to Daisy Dream – I adore this fruity & floral, feminine fragrance. I think this would make for such a sweet starter scent if you have a daughter who is starting to get into perfumes. It just makes you happy when you put it on!

I bought this cologne for Adam for this birthday this year and not only do I love to smell this scent on him, but love to wear it myself! With every spritz, the smell of sea spray instantly transports you to sea & sand.

This is one of those on my wish list. I totally fell in love with this light, airy and vibrant scent. Its perfect for the summer season and, like Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, I also think this would make a perfect perfume for a little lady.

This sexy & seductive solar floral scent transports you to a tropical island with just one spritz! Soleil Blanc has notes of amber and is quite heady. I’m basically obsessed with both the perfume + shimmering body oil. I’m pretty sure you will be, too!

These two spectacular scents from MFK are on my wish list! I couldn’t pick just one, so I included both on my list! Definitely pricey, but with something I like this, I always think about how long this bottle will last and how much I will enjoy it. Baccarat, is something I would save for the evening where as À La Rose is perfect to take you from day to night.

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”

— C. JoyBell C.

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