70’s Style for Fall : The 5 Pieces You Need To Pull It Off

70s style for fall - mustard sweater tank - denim flares - Lauren schwaiger style blog
seventies fashion for fall - Lauren schwaiger style blog

70s style for fall - Lauren schwaiger Charlotte style blog

madewell mustard sweater tank - neck scarf - Lauren schwaiger style blog

70s style for fall - mustard sweater tank - Lauren schwaiger
bandana tied on bag - Lauren schwaiger style blog
gold accessories - fall fashion - Lauren schwaiger
madewell sweater tank - dark denim flares - Lauren schwaiger style blogger

sweater tank - neck scarf - Lauren schwaiger charlotte style blogger
70's stye for fall - mustard sweater tank - Lauren schwaiger style blog
I am so loving the 70’s trend for the fall season! Throwing it back to the 70’s is definitely nothing new, but it is BIG this season and I am feeling really drawn to this fun & fabulous era of dressing as we head into fall! I am particularly LOVING all the colors that embody 70’s style.
All the shades of brown, burnt oranges and mustard yellows like this sweater tank I’m wearing from Madewell. Right now its still in the high 80s and even the 90s some days in Charlotte, so wearing this sweater tank on its own is perfect in this heat. Once the weather finally cools down, I can’t wait to pair this with a white button down shirt {I’d swap my flared denim for skinny jeans} or a thin turtleneck underneath!

There are a handful of pieces that scream the seventies, so if your looking to bring this fun trend into your wardrobe this season, here are a few key players you’ll need to pull it off!

THE COLORS. as I mentioned above, 70’s fashion is full of various shades of browns, orange, yellows and reds, which happen to be a few of my favorite colors, especially for autumn. Pastels were popular during the 70’s but I’m gravitating towards the cozier colors rather than the bright shades of spring & summer.

THE PANTS. flares + wide leg denim are a big part of the seventies fashion. I purchased my Rag & Bone Flares going on 3 years ago and I still LOVE them! You guys know I am all about a good deal, but denim is the one thing I do not skimp on. A great pair of jeans can last for years – totally an investment item.

THE TEXTURES. corduroy, velvet and suede are all part of the signature seventies style. I love the look & feel of these rich textures & materials and lucky for us, they happen to be extra cozy which is perfect as the temps drop! I’m loving baby corduroy on pants, overalls & skirts, a thicker corduroy on jackets + velvet pants & tops!

THE ACCESSORIES. headbands, bandanas and flowys scarves. saddle + suede bags with fringing. golden accessories, chokers, round sunnies and floppy hats {my favorite} – oh my! pick & choose your favorites to elevate your 70s ensemble! Its no secret that I am a huge fan of bandanas/neck scarves – they are the perfect way to give any outfit a little je ne sais quoi.

THE PRINTS & FLORALS. the prints of the seventies can be a bit…flamboyant. you guys know I like to keep things simple, personally, most of the prints are a little too extra, however, I did find a few prints that I linked below that are super fun without being over the top. When it comes to the florals, I can’t get enough! {lol} I love fall florals in darker colors like greens, burgundy and navy.

Are you loving the seventies trend this season!? If so, tell me what your favorite pieces are in the comments below!
As always, thank you so much for stopping in! xx


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