A Day in the Life: NYC Style

On Monday afternoon, I got a casting call from my agency in NYC for a potential one-step-closer-to-making-my-dreams-come-true modeling/acting job for an activewear company. This isn’t something I really put out there, but in the spirit of becoming OK with sharing a bit more here on the blog, I figured what the heck…
So… these castings come in last minute. I was going on more last year, and sometimes I go/sometimes I don’t. I was requested by the company, which is well, a pretty good thing + I had a light day of PT sessions and enough FF miles to get up to NYC without paying a ridiculous last minute airfare…there really was no reason why I shouldn’t go. So I woke up at 530am on Tuesday morning, caught a 755am flight and was in NYC by 10am. Once its your turn to audition, a castings takes all of 5 minutes and then your free to go. With all that being said, here are some photos of my whirlwind day in my favorite city in the world! xx

Much Love & P.S. Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams,

after I popped into the agency I headed out to walk around the city and stopped into one of my fave juice/smoothie shops, The Juice Press. I got the Fountain of Youth smoothie! 🙂
Side Note. Don’t ya just love when you ask someone to take a pic and they could care less?!? I look like I’m about to serve up some soup! lol

the casting studio was right around Flatiron District, so I floated around here for most of my time before & after my casting…If you didn’t know the Flatiron Building before this post, you know it now – from all angles! (haha) Seriously tho, after my casting, I popped into Eataly for an Almond Milk Latte and just sat outside, kicked my feet up and just soaked up the absolutely gorgeous day, all the amazing energy buzzing around me and of course, people watching. I wonder how many thousands of photos are taken each day of the Flatiron Building — its one of New York’s many marvels. Its kinda crazy. I’m definitely not the only one in awe of this intoxicating city. As I floated  thru Madison Square Park, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I watched 100’s of people simply enjoying this gorgeous fall day. Everyone in their business suits, on lunch break just happy to be out of the office or from wherever they have to get back to…
one man had his shoes off, feet up, eating lunch up against a wall. Another just sitting so peacefully on a bench with his eyes closed feeling the sun on his face. They have got to be thinking that this is going to be one of the last warm & sunny days before the brutal NYC winter arrives…

celebrating an awesome day with a glass of rosé & steak tartare at Eataly after my casting

you guys, this picture was taken on my iPhone and NO filters. how gorgeous, blue is that sky!? I adore these 2 buildings and their shiny, golden roofs. They are pretty amazing lit up at night amongst the rest of the Manhattan skyline.

tried out a new juice passing thru LGA. Cucumber, my fave!!

an already amazing day got a little sweeter with this fiery sunset. Picture does it no justice…I’m pretty sure this was one of the most stunning sky’s I’ve ever seen.

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