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Hiya dolls! Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. It it super wet here in CLT  — so. much. rain. and for some reason, I’m totally lovin’ it. Most of the time rainy days kinda mess with my mojo but I just find it so peaceful & relaxing today.Catching you all up to speed since my last post on Wednesday. The stomach bug had me down & out all day …the only good thing that came from that was the ridiculous amount of sleep I got — uhmm, about 15 hours. ahhhmazing. I woke up Thursday morning feeling fabulous and had more energy than I knew what to do with from my abundance of sleep!! :))


End of week workouts looked like this:

Thursday: Legs & Booty – Combo of timed + High Rep Exercises – Treadmill: 20 minutes – Incline walking

Circuit: 3 rounds

– BOSU Glute/Ham Raises: 30 seconds full ROM/30 sec pulses, each leg
– Curtsy Lunge: 25 reps each leg
– Glute Kickback/Fire hydrant Combo: 30 secs each (knees & forearms)
– Kettlebell Squat & Swing: 25 reps
– Balancing: Straight Leg Kickback: 25 reps each side

1 Hour – Boxing Session
– 3 minute rounds, 30 seconds recovery: Mix of Shadow Boxing, Mitt Work and db drills (check out my video on Facebook page, here.)

Saturday: 1.5 hours yoga fusion at Laughing Buddha. – Combo of vinyasa yoga + strength. Burpee’s, Lunges, Squats, Push Ups, etc all done in a heated room. Kick ass workout. Feel amazing.

Clean Eating

 A look at some clean eats from the last few days…

Veggie Scramble + Red Rice

Veggie Scramble + Red RiceScramble:
2 EB Eggs, Spinach, onion, mushroom & goat cheese. Loving this red rice. New addition to my life 🙂

Gala Apple + Golden Raisins Oatmeal

Gala Apple + Golden Raisins + Coconut Oil + Pumpkin Pie Spice Oatmeal

Brown Rice + Gala Apple

Brown Rice + Toasted Pine Nuts & Gala Apple
This was my pre boxing power snack. Cayenne pepper sprinkled in my rice gave me incredible energy during my workout.

Gala Apple Power Snack

Fuji Apple, Raw Pecans, Goji Berries & Prunes
Totally random snack plate to hold me over until heading out to dinner…

Dean & Deluca Lunch

Today’s après yoga lunch…
Kale Salad | Scallop + Arugala Salad | Peppermint Tea (w/ lemon) Tried out this new Scallop Salad which was good, but a little too heavy handed on the olive oil/dressing. I prefer to actually taste the food, not the dressing.

Thursday night was dinner with one of my best gals at Basil to satisfy our Thai taste buds — mmmm!! One of my favorite cuisines. Winded up ordering a second round of both the Chicken Satay and Basil Rolls apps which left us both pretty full and I ordered a (giant) bowl of Tom Yum soup with loads of veggies & shrimp. So good.

Basil Charlotte - Basil Rolls

Basil Charlotte - Chicken Satay

Basil Charlotte - Tom Yum Soup

Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness Fashion

Cute outfit to work on Friday — rocking my LA Dodgers Tee!

2 cute/funny/inspirational posters to share with you all. One from my sis and another from one of my gf’s.

Inspirational Board

Kindness - Funny Inspirational Poster

Happy Saturday Night!! I’m checkin’ out Tupelo Honey Cafe this evening — will let ya know what I think of the place!

Much Love,


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