Abs Are Made In The Kitchen | Clean Eating Inspiration

Hey Hey! Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start! 
So typically this would be an F&F (Food & Fitness) post but since I forgot to keep track of what I’ve been doing & on what days I’m doing it, this is just going to be a giant post of clean eats! lol 
I can tell you tho, that I’ve been quite the gym rat over the last several weeks, doing a ridiculous amount of cardio over the last 2-3 weeks & increased my strength training and a little less yoga.  I’ve been logging 30-45 minutes a day – combo of HIIT & steady state – at least 5 days a week and its really starting to pay off. I was a major slacker in the cardio dept all winter long and I definitely need to amp it back up to lean back out! In case you missed my FitSpo Friday post talking about Personal Best’s, you can check that out here. We all have our personal best and that’s what we should strive for everyday! 

So…a look at what I’ve been eating & remember, Abs Are Made In The Kitchen! xx

OMG, this breakfast was so simple but seriously delicious!
2 Egg Omelette stuffed + gobs of gooey & creamy goat cheese, cooked in coconut oil, of course
+ 1/2 an avocado + lime juice + sea salt & red pepper flakes

Plan. Plan. Plan. 
A bunch of food & healthy snacks To-Go / Eat between Client Sessions 

running late to work on a rainy day = hat x drink your smoothie in the car

Chopped Spinach Avocado & Veggie Salad

2 egg omelette cooked in coconut oil
arugala + 1/2 avocado with lime juice, sea salt & red pepper flakes

 so fancy, right!? haha
Stuffed spinach & feta chicken breast pre-made from Harris Teeter. Just take it home, pop it in the oven & its good to baste with some chicken broth. On top of these gorgeous local greens I got at the Farmer’s Market! 

this was an AMAZING lunch one day…
ribs + yummy salad of Arugala + Avocado + Sea Salt & Pepper

I’m also going thru quite the chickpea phase!!! lol 
I just make make and keep a giant bowl of my Lemony Chickpea Salad to add to meals all the time! 🙂

so I know I always say all my salad are amazing but this one really was especially good…
the flavors just all came together & it was seriously satisfying….
I got these cute little organic chicken tenders from Trader Joe’s, marinated them in lemon juice & a touch of apple cider vinegar & pepper only & cooked them in the pan with coconut oil
Salad was beybeh kale + cucumber + tomato + yellow bell pepper with grapeseed oil, dash of cinnamon & himalayan salt 

and this post workout Saturday Salad was pretty delicious, too! 🙂
follow the link to find out why its so amazingly good for you!

Sunday Steak Dinner with my parents. So good! 

Kale & Beet Side Salads + a super yummy Matcha Latte with Coconut Milk @ Lunas

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