and breathe.

Hello hello loves. wowsie! Thursday already?  Sorry to have been MIA most of the week, but its has been nothing but go, go go. Tonight is the first night I’ve been home before 10pm all week, and myyyy does it feel good. The last 10 days have been crazy and I am certainly feeling it. Thursday nights are pretty standard for girls din & drinks but there is no where else I’d rather be than home.Hoping your week is so good & to catch you up on what I’ve been up to…
First, Big announcement over here…I am officially a Mac. That’s right! I made the decision to complete my Apple family with the addition of the Mac Book Pro. I’ve been going back & forth on making the big switch from a PC t0 a Mac for a bit now and I finally pulled the trigger on Monday afternoon. I already have the iPhone & iPad so this purchase just made sense and will simplify my life a great deal. But until I learn how to use this baby, its just making my life more complicated! lol Part of the reason why I held off on getting one for so long.

Lauren Schwaiger

One part of this crazy busy schedule I’ve been having lately, is my acting classes. Our big Film Festival is taking place at the end of June and this week was the start of filming.. In all, there will be 6 short films in the Film Festival and I have parts in 3 of them. Monday & Tuesday evenings were spent filming for 2 different short films. It has been quite the time commitment, but I can’t tell you how much I have been loving this experience. It takes me out of my comfort zone, forces me to grow and week after week I feel more comfortable & confident on film. Plus, I’ve met some really cool people in the process.

I had a fun photo shoot after work this evening to get some shots for a post I’m putting together and other than that, I’ve been training clients, working out and sleeping. I’m nursing a mild sore throat that I’ve been feeling on & off since Monday. I believe I picked up a little something from my niece & nephew over Mother’s Day weekend. Hoping it will be gone by the weekend.

On the fitness front, workouts have been a bit all over the place due to my hectic schedule.

Monday: 60 minutes fasted cardio:
StairMaster: 30 minutes. Jog: 15 minutes. Power Walk: 4.2/ 15% 15 minutes

Tuesday: Work, Work, Work. Film, Film, Film. No Workout 🙁

Wednesday: 50 minutes cardio: Warm Up: Walk: 10 minutes Run: 5 minutes/Incline Power Walk: 5 minutes for 40 minutes 60 minutes hot yoga

Thursday: 20 minutes easy walk & stretch.

Food has been all over the place, literally. Eating on the go… in the car, at the gym, Rush Espresso & Panera during filming on Tuesday night.

Eggs & Fruit


dark cherry green smoothie

power greens | banana | dark cherries | raw cacao | topped off with goji berries


clean eating - snacks

rush espresso - perth paninni

Perth Panini on a bed of greens…so good. First time trying this..Y U M!
Roasted sweet potatoes, onions, zucchini, red peppers & feta cheese

panera bread - med salad

mixed salad

rush espresso

chicken & asparagus

cleansing green smoothie

cleansing green smoothie

Panera food break while filming on Tuesday night.
Mediterranean Salad w/ Roasted Turkey
cucumber| onion | tomato | carrots | parsley | turkey breastDressing: lemon juice + avo oil
much needed 10 minute time out, almond milk latte & scoop of tuna salad at rush espresso between sessions yesterday.
spinach | cucumber | banana | parsley | juice of 1 lemon | cayenne pepper
* 2 TBSPN chia seeds soaking in about 1/2 cup almond milk on the side
super cleansing & so good

Lauren Schwaiger

Running behind this am, so my GS came along. gotta love mason jars!

eggs & avo

boneless pork ribs

boneless pork ribs | broccoli | roasted potatoes

I’m off to bed. G’night & Much Love

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