April Yoga Challenge

Catching up on the last 3 days of yoga postures for my #yogatothecore challenge…If you’ve been following along, be sure to include these postures to increase core strength as these 3 poses are essential in building a strong & stable core all around – abdominals, back & obliques – your trunk as I like to call it.

Plank Pose

Day 3: Plank Pose
High Plank | Bottom: Forearm Plank
When done correctly, planks are one of the best exercises to build core strength as well as shoulder stability.


Day 4: The Locust – Shalabhasana
Excellent back strengthening exercise which, at the same time,  increases flexibility in the low back, as well.
I like to take this posture with a bind behind my back to create a shoulder/chest opener because I am always tight across my chest and my anterior delts. (front of the shoulders)
Side Note: This was not exactly the most comfortable place I could have picked to do this posture.

Side Plank

Side Plank - Tree Variation

Side Plank – Tree Variation

Day 5: Side Plank (Vasisthasana)
I LOVE side planks. This can also be modified on the forearm until you build up enough core & shoulder strength & stability.
Shaking is good 😉
Be sure to stay strong in that supported arm, pushing out of the shoulder and careful not to dump your weight into you wrist.
When teaching yoga, I like to give guidance in both high & side plank to act as if you are literally going to push the floor down and away from you – that is how strong & active you should be in this posture.
Keep lifting thru the hips, engaging bottom side oblique and contract your middle all around.
Side Plank Tree Pose
(fun plank variation)

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