Aruba Photo Diary

Hello, Hi!!
So many photos to share – hundreds, literally – from my amazing trip to Aruba last week to be a part of & celebrate the beautiful wedding of one of my best girlfriends! 
It has been a busy summer over here and this was my first & much needed trip in about 3 months. It felt so good to get out of CLT, unplug & just simply enjoy life. I actually took my Mac with me, tried to connect to wifi, (which totally sucked at the resort) had no luck & took that as a clear sign that I should absolutely not be doing any work for the duration of my trip! haha

There’s just something about being near the ocean, scrunching your toes in the sand, palm trees swaying in the wind that is incredibly rejuvenating. Starting my day with beach walks/runs/workouts everyday, swimming in the ocean, lounging poolside are all things that enliven my spirit. Take all that + amazing friends = perfectly perfect 5 days in paradise! 

This is kind of my personal photo diary, I’ll be sharing more photos from the wedding & all the super fun & adorable bridesmaids photos soon! 

Hope you enjoy! xx

Much Love, 

gorgeous golden sunset on our first night 

these mosaic lounges were kind of amazing

Piña Coladas…a must on any tropical vaca.
But don’t get crazy, I had one the whole trip!

Love these girls! 

Jenn & I came across the most serene spot on the beach on one of our morning runs…the palms cast such a beautiful, peaceful shadow on the sand & water. This picture doesn’t do it much justice…I definitely had a moment with myself just taking it in. 

maybe the best bartender. ever. Our whole group couldn’t get enough of him!

can’t get enough of this water

a little morning lizard chasing…Aruba had the best lizards in the most vibrant shades of blues & greens! 
I have this thing with lizards, weird. Guess it comes from growing up in Florida where there’s lizards all over. We don’t see very many here in CLT.

really rough day… hahah

A little date night with my girl Sandra!
The resort actually had 6 restaurants within it. Our last night there, half the group had already returned and the rest of us just scattered about for dinner and met back up later for drinks!

just one last photo before saying farewell to beautiful Aruba.
I loved this mosaic Iguana at the airport.

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  1. June 1, 2016 / 3:24 am

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