Ash Wednesday

Hello Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent. So begins the next 40 days and 40 nights of….no chocolate. Dark Chocolate, of course. Yep. I have decided to give up my beloved Chocolate for Lent this year. aye yai yai…what have I gotten myself into!?I went to mass tonight and loved the message of the service….sweet & simple…Give forgiveness and spread love and kindness to all. I don’t go to church often but when I do I always leave feeling light, happy & renewed! And tonight I I got to leave with black ashes on my forehead. lol So, I Hope you everyone is having an awesome week! Mine has been slammed and absolutely flying…can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday. Today was busy busy with clients but, I did make a pit stop at the mall to grab a latte at Dilworth Coffee (because they are cool and carry almond milk) & pick up some of my fave hand cremes from L’Occitane. I’m kinda crazy for moisturizers — face, body, hand, you name it… I buy a few of these babies at a time and toss ’em into different bags to make sure I always have hand creme, uhm…handy. 🙂 Food was super light and meatless for Ash Wednesday which I actually love and have no problem with. Feels good to eat vegetarian everyone now and then + gives your digestive system an easy day of work!

I made today a Rest & Mobility day as my legs were feeling all tree trunk-ish after Monday’s HIIT treadmill workout + yesterday was 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill:15 / StairMaster: 15) and hour hot yoga class.

A look at my Ash Wednesday Meatless Eats…

Green Smoothie

a little green smoothie love to get the day going…
Handful Spinach | Super ripe Banana | Frozen Peaches | 1 Lemon, juiced | Water & Ice about 20 minutes later…scrambled eggies

Strawberry Chia pudding

2 TBSN Chia Seeds | Coconut Milk | Strawberries & Cinnamon

Dean & Deluca

Brussels Sprouts Salad & Chic Pea + Eggplant Salad

Dark Chocolate Turtle

uhm, yeaaa. Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Turtle. 4 bites of heaven.. lets just say I made the decision to give up chocolate for Lent in mass this evening so technically this is okay. just keepin’ it real with you guys…

Cod + Salad

Cod + Salad

L'Occitane Handcremes


Meet my friends…the Foam Roller, The Stick & a Baseball I use all of these to get into my soft tissue and break up knots & tension in my muscles. Painful, but very good, effective and necessary to keep me feeling my best and able to workout out as hard as I like to.

Tuesday Eats….

Clean Eating

Oatmeal, Chia Seeds & Banana Porridge | Spirulina & Acai Powder Smoothie | Din: Chic + Asparagus + Mixed Salad

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