Asheville Getaway.

Finished work early on Friday afternoon, packed an overnight bag and hopped in the car to head up to Asheville for a little overnight getaway with my guy.
We pretty much drove up to spoil ourselves with a really amazing meal at The Bull & Beggar, a killer spot my guy has been raving about since discovering this gem while working in Asheville last month.

Up early on Friday morning and knowing we would be up late, a little caffeine fix was in order. We made a pit stop just outside of Asheville in Black Mountain at The Dripolator. A charming little coffeehouse with delicious coffee, lattes, teas & chocolates. Definitely worth the stop if your ever driving up this way….

Checked into our room, showered and got ready for din at The B&B…

If I’m going to have a cocktail – something other than a red wine or vodka/water – you better believe its going to be worth it! Like this Moscow Mule. SO good. Ginger party in my mouth!
Handcrafted cocktails using fresh ingredients like fruits, herbs and house made purees, free of simple syrups!? oh yes.
P.S. Ask for Palmer 😉

Rather than photographing everything we ate, we simply enjoyed our night together.
We enjoyed a selection of starters, including probably the most amazing Steak Tartare, served with pommes frites, I’ve ever had + spilt the Tilefish Entree.

Easy Tomboy Chic outfit for the night…
J Brand Black Skinnies x Booties x Madewell Grey V-neck x Plaid Scarf

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