Asparagus x Tomato x Walnut Salad

Hello loves. Dropping in with some more summer salad inspiration.
3 of my faves come together for an incredibly simple, delicious & colorful salad.

Asparagus & Tomatoes = 2 veggies I just can’t get enough of. Asparagus is a green-veggie-staple and I usually eat them on a weekly basis. Simply steam a bunch or 2, keep in the fridge so you can pull them out and toss into salads, omelettes or eat a handful of spears along side your choice of protein. Between my parents & my sisters garden, I’m completely spoiled with an abundance of tomatoes of all varieties.

What you’ll need:

– Asparagus / 10 spears, cut into fourths
– 1 ripe tomato
– 4 yellow, pear tomatoes
– 1 oz. walnut halves
– feta cheese (as much as you like!)

– 2 tbspn organic avocado oil + sprinkle of sea salt & pepper

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