Austin, TX Travels

My yoga mat & I have made it to Austin!! So excited for my weekend ahead.

LS travel style

My flight to Austin was quite entertaining, to say the least. Sitting at my gate waiting to board my flight, I’m paged to the desk (gate attendant murdered my last name) and she informs me that I will be the very first person to board the plane because I’m the window seat and there is a handicapped man sitting next to me in the center seat. First, I’m thinking hmmm… Ohhkay, Can I change my seat?? Nope. Full flight. Second, how in the world am I going to get out to pee?! This is a pretty long flight! I pretty much have to go ee every hour on the hour because of the crazy amount of water I drink. Moving on, I’m oh so lucky to board first and sit on the plane for an extra, unnecessary 30 minutes… Yayyy.

Row behind me… Senior citizen couple. I’m guessing late 70s, that fit together like a pot & a lid. One part annoying, this is due to their super heavy Midwestern accent (mom from Bobby’s World is what comes to mind) other part absolutely adorable that they are literally finishing each other’s sentences. They were talking non-stop while waiting to take off…It was to the wife’s amazement that airplanes are able to stay up in the air AND that there is enough room in the sky for all the planes. The husband…well he could have flown the plane. Evidently there is about 90 seconds between each take off on the runway at Charlotte Douglas and we were maybe going to have to change runways due to the direction of the wind. Haha this went on and on (I seriously wish I could have recorded this) until we finally took off and I was able to pop my headphones in. Ahhhh, in flight music + staring out into the clouds = my happy place.

15 minutes into the flight, I passed out like a baby in a car seat. So weird, in the last year or so, 10-15 minutes into my flights I can’t keep my eyes open to save my life. Whereas for years past, I couldn’t fall asleep not for nothing.

The Driskill Hotel

Smushed up against the window for 2.5+ hours, a little snooze, some music, flipping thru the November edition of People Style Watch and finally, finally…my window of opportunity! The lady in the aisle seat woke up from her nap so I decided to climb over the poor gentleman in the middle seat to make a run to the bathroom.

Needless to say, another uncomfortable plane ride was all worth it! I’m all checked in here at the charming Driskill Hotel, feeling good vibes here in Austin and can’t wait to take in Wanderlust this weekend!

Much Love, xx

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