Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Winter Coats

I couldn’t think of a better quote to tell the tale of my favorite coat, from the man himself…

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

— Ralph Lauren

Last winter, on a trip to Chicago, I made my way into Ralph Lauren, spotted this coat, tried it on, fell in love (it was made for me!), took it off, hung it back on the hangar and left the store.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this damn coat as we ran all over the city that day…I even went to bed thinking about it! I’m not kidding.
After breakfast the next morning, I made the decision to go back to RL and get that coat! lol

Ahh…this coat! I love it. Its classic. Its plaid. (I LOVE plaid!) Hood + fur!? Oversized pockets. love love LOVE. I wore it to death all last winter & couldn’t wait to pull it out of the closet again this season. This coat drew me in…its just my style, I adore it and every time I wear it (which is often) I’m a happy, cozy girl.

To quote the amazing Ralph Lauren…Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.
Investing in this classic coat, that I’ll wear forever, was worth the small fortune that I spent to make it mine.

Buy less, choose well.

— Vivienne Westwood

A few (actually, a bunch) of my top picks for coats that will last you for many seasons and beyond! Some are pricier than others, but, the key is in knowing your style & what you love well and choosing well. When taken care of, a high quality, timeless coat can last you a lifetime! Scroll thru to check out some seriously ridiculous deals on some really amazing coats! And of course there’s a few mixed in from Ralph Lauren. xx

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