hello hi & happy 5 de Mayo! ahhh, the last thing I want to see is alcohol on this holiday that gives everyone an excuse to drink their face off! I had the best weekend and had entirely too much fun! Wells Fargo golf tourney on Saturday + one of my best friends engagement party yesterday that continued on into a proper Sunday Funnnday. Needless to say, I am feeling it today, but this icky feeling is totally worth the fun & memories that were made over the weekend. Polar opposite from my previous weekend of all work & no play, where all I did was work, workout + a full weekend of teacher training to get another yoga certification. I can’t say this enough,  its so important to have that life balance.  Its something that I still have to work on and tell myself its ok to not be so perfect all the time when it comes to health & fitness. I didn’t workout all weekend and just enjoyed L I F E. I usually have a trace of guilt attached to this but I didn’t care one bit. nope.


Aaaand as I write all this… FYI: I only drink vodka/waters with lemon and/or champagne.  And I of course, still ate really well. So I’d say I’m gonna be alright, no!?

So I kicked off my Monday with coffee & 45 minutes of fasted cardio and came home to make this ahhhhmazing open faced (3 egg) omelette with spinach, sun dried tomatoes & plenty of goat cheese. To say that I LOVE sun dried tomatoes would be an understatement. They are so delish and add so much flavor to anything. Noms.

spinach, sundried tomatoes & goat cheese omelette

trader joes groceries

spinach & power greens

Monday run to Trader Joes since I didn’t go on Sunday, as I usually do… spinach & power greens – my Trader Joe’s greens of choice

granny smith apples

a big happy bowl of granny smith apples


was down to my last banana – eeeek! love super ripe ‘nans so I always load up.

apple & almond butter

so much happiness in this photo – apple, AB, coffee & flowers :)) was definitely in need of an afternoon cup of coffee

Back to work I go & acting class tonight. Will be posting to share some of this weekend’s fun later tonight or tomorrow. So about that balance…the weekend is over and its back to biznaz. Cheers to a happy, healthy, productive & beautiful week! xx

Much Love,

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