Life is all about creating a balance, a flow, that works & feels good to you…

love ≏ relationships
work ≏ play
health ≏ fitness
food ≏ drink
movement ≏ stillness
the list goes on…
I think many people think that balance is just this elusive, mystical “thing” that doesn’t exist or its impossible to obtain. I promise, you can have it – its up to you to create it! There was a time where I didn’t feel so balanced, so happy, so glass-half-full…but thru yoga, growth, positivity, self love, removing negative people & situations from my life…I made it happen! And its feels pretty damn good, guys! Its pretty tough to burst my bubble of love & happiness!
Create YOUR balance, create a new [positive] mindset and you’ll find endless peace, love, positive energy – physically & emotionally – and joy.

Much Love (and balance) xx

this BALANCE tank from Peace Love World has been a favorite of mine to throw on go for the last few weeks. As you can see by the two pics above, its super flow-y & trapeze-y which is why I like to wear it tied up on the sides to make for a more fitted top as you’ll see below. The split hem makes the sides pretty perfect for tying – the only thing is you loose the cute red dash mark detail when doing so.
I’d like to point out that the above photo is not the most flattering with how much the shirt is poking out but I wanted to post this photo any way. Which leads me to say that not every angle is our best angle 😉

how gorgeous is this light!? Me & Adam shot these at golden hour and I was totally obsessed with the golden light shining thru the trees.

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

— Jana Kingsford

TANK. Peace Love World
LEGGINGS. Lulu Lemon Wunder Unders
WATCH. Michael Kors
SANDALS. “Arizona” Birkenstocks

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