Banana & Mango Spice Smoothie Bowl

Hi loves! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! It was the most gorgeous weekend here in CLT. Omg, guys…the weather was seriously spectacular! The warmer temps & sunny skies had me feeling kinda tropical yesterday morning + I had just bought some frozen mango chunks so I whipped up this so delicious Banana & Mango Spice Smoothie Bowl!

Mangos are one of my favorite fruits, they are so delectable! I have the best memories of growing up in Florida & the amazing mango trees in my great grandparents backyard. It was so fun to pick them & eat ’em up! My dad has this way of cutting them up, that when I was a kid, thought it was sooo cool….
Cut your mango in half, use a knife making several cuts, length wise & then across, making little cubes, flip them inside out, and dive right in!
Since I don’t have any mango trees growing in the backyard, frozen ones will have to do! (LOL) And, I actually prefer frozen fruit when making smoothies/smoothie bowls. I’d much rather save my fresh fruit for eating, not blending. I kind of feel like blending fresh fruit is a bit of a waste, don’t you!?

unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 1 cup
1 frozen banana
organic, frozen mango chunks. 1 cup
vanilla protein powder. 1 scoop
cinnamon. about 5-6 shakes
fresh ginger root. about 1 inch piece (or more if you love that ginger zing!)

banana slices + 2 frozen chunks of mango that I cut into tiny little cubes
sprinkle of cinnamon
trader joe’s super seed & ancient grain mix

My sweet tooth thoroughly enjoyed this yummy bowl & it made for the perfect Sunday treat!!

Hope you guys love it! xx

Much Love,


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