Barbados Photo Diary

{ George Washington House }

Barbados, was our second stop on our Caribbean getaway and one of my favorites! I can’t pinpoint just exactly why I loved this place so much, but I’m thinking all the colorful houses + the warm, inviting charm of the Barbadians would be a good place to start!
In case you couldn’t tell by the post… I had a bit of a thing for all the bright & beautifully dilapidated houses scattered all over the Island. I’m pretty sure I was driving Adam crazy because I could.not.stop taking pictures. Every time I’d put the lens cap back on, I’d just take it right off again! {LOL}
One of our favorite things to do, is to simply walk & explore – and that’s exactly what we did! We decided to take the 4 mile walk (in all the heat & humidity) to the beach that we decided on based on what we wanted to do that day – Paddle Boarding! Paddle Barbados, got some really great reviews so we decided this would be the place to be and it did not disappoint! The beach was absolutely gorgeous – white sand + crystal clear, turquoise waters – and we had so much space to get out on our boards. We pretty much had the freedom to get out on the water and do whatever we wanted which was amazing, because typically, with most Island “excursions” they really try to control where/what you do – but not here!

After a couple hours out on our boards, we toweled off and headed back out on our trek! Adam did some Googling to see if there was anything nearby and come to find out, there was – The George Washington House – just just down the street & up a hill from where we were. We checked out the GW House, which happened to have the cutest cafe – I grabbed a delicious iced coffee and we headed back out to explore some more.

By the end of the day, we racked up about 10 miles and finally – hot, sweaty & heavy footed – we made our way back to the ship just before sunset and right in time for a sail away cocktail.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! xx

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