Barry’s Bootcamp – The Best Workout in The World.

I’ll never forget the first time I had my ass handed to me at Barry’s Bootcamp. It was in NYC, about 2 years ago…I effing LOVED it & instantly, I was hooked on “The Best Workout in The World” !! Sadly, I don’t live in a Barry’s Bootcamp city, so naturally, one of the top things on my To Do List while out in LA last week, was to sign up for an ass kicking at Barry’s! I had been taking it easy & fighting a cold for several day’s before flying out West. Finally feeling better & well rested after a couple days in LA, my body was in need of a killer workout and that is exactly what I got. This time I took my boyfriend along for the heart pounding fun! weee 🙂

Barry’s is like a workout party! Lights are low, music blasting, your trainer is pushing, pushing, pushing you thru a combination of High Intensity runs on the treadmill (HIIT) + strength & resistance exercises on the floor. Your treadmill is positioned right on top of a wall of mirrors, leaving you no choice but to stare yourself in the face, as everyone else around you is sprinting their ass off, and tell yourself — I cannot. I will not. Quit. Just when you think you might not make it thru that sprint your trainer pushes you harder & turns the music up at The. Perfect. Moment. You dig deep, breathe deep & you power thru! Seriously, the most motivating workout. EVER.

Barry’s says you can burn about 800-1k+ cals during an hour long sweat sesh — I’d say this is pretty on point! Drenched in sweat, glowing with rosy cheeks + slightly nauseated, I walked out of class, on an endorphin high, and feeling like an exhilarated, strong & empowered badass, before feelings of exhaustion set in. I spent the rest of the day pretty pooped. lol

Fancy a proper ass whooping!? Check to see if there’s a Barry’s Bootcamp in your home city or the next city you are traveling to!

A few things to know:
– Barry’s is no joke, their goal is to push you to your limits and then some — know your limits! No one knows your body and how far you can push it better than you. By all means, you don’t want to be the one to get thrown off the treadmill.
Side Note: I’m not a runner. In fact, I hate running. Barry’s has a magical way of making me find my inner-runner…powering thru endurance runs & crazy sprints throughout class and it feels pretty damn amazing.
Woodway Treadmills: The best treadmill you can run on & the only treadmills you’ll find at Barry’s. I LOVE them and this is what I choose to run on at home as well.
SIGN UP ONLINE! If you want to secure your spot, I highly recommend signing up and reserving your spot online. These classes are in high demand & fill up fast! If your like me, not getting in and missing your workout will ruin your day. lol
– Eat properly & rehydrate to recover after this intense workout.
Active Rest Day. After a workout like this, an active rest day is perfect (for me). I took a long walk outside + stretched a ton.


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