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Hello my beauties!! I’ve been thinking up this post for quite a while and I’m excited to finally get this all-about-hair post put together! I don’t know about you girls, but when it comes to my hairdo, and somedays, lack thereof, whats going on with my hair can seriously contribute to how I’m feeling about myself. Its kind of amazing how this attribute can make you feel so many different ways about yourself….cute, pretty, beautiful, sexy, ick, ugh…the list goes on. Am I right?! 

A beautiful mane, is a symbol of youth, health & beauty! You hair truly is an indication of what is going on inside of that amazing body of yours! Your health & nutrition, along with genetics, of course, play a role in your hair health. I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say a beautiful head of thick, shiny, voluminous hair is what we all desire. 

When your locks are looking a bit lackluster, perhaps its time to take a look at a few things…
HAIR ROUTINE. Are you hard on your hair? Over washing, over drying, heat styling, products, etc…can all weigh your hair down, causing damage/breakage/split ends…
  DIET & SUPPLEMENTS. a simple way to growing longer, fuller hair, is to re-access what your putting inside your body or lack thereof. A diet rich in protein – animal and/or plant based  – healthy fats (avocados, raw nuts & seeds, olive oil) and superfoods like black sesame seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc.. Along with super greens (supplements/powders) rich in iodine like Spirulina & Blue-Green Algae + supplements known for hair health like Biotin or B-Vitamins.
 POTENTIAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. On a more serious note, there could be something going on on the inside that calls for attention. Common health problems such as hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), hormonal imbalances & malnutrition/eating disorders can all lead to noticeable thinning and/or loosing too much hair, severe dryness and hair literally snapping off.


DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY. I’m sure you know this one by now. But just in case your not actually following protocol…do start! Depending on what I have going on, workouts &  sweat situation, I go anywhere from 2-4 days without washing my hair. This allows the natural oils from your scalp to work their magic on your strands & preventing dry, brittle locks. 
BEAUTY SLEEP FOR YOU HAIR. Let your hair be freeeee….of hair ties, clips & pins to avoid any crazy kinks when you wake up but more importantly, to prevent breakage. And any way, that’s just uncomfortable, no? 
 HAIR ALWAYS ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD? If your one of those girls who loves throwing their hair up in a messy bun on top of your head, try going for a low or side pony, or even a loose braid. I used to throw my hair up on top on my head all.the.time. guys! I stopped this years ago and I can tell a noticeable difference with breakage & thinning — especially, in that middle section of hair which really gets the brunt of it when you tightly secure that elastic around your hair. 
 SCALP MASSAGE. A couple times per week, while shampooing, I give myself a serious scalp massage! This is amazing for getting rid of any gunk built up in your scalp, like sweat & hair products + stimulates your hair follicles which is supposed to be good for hair growth. And, it just feels pretty amazing!
COCONUT OIL. 1-2x per week I put coconut oil in my hair. Mainly on my ends, but I do work a small amount throughout. You guys, coconut oil makes your hair so gorgeous & super shiny! If your not using this magical oil – start!
AU NATURALE. Learn to love your hair how it was meant to be. For me, this meant learning to love my natural curls after years of resisting them. (its still a work in progress) If you just absolutely must dry & style your hair try to cut back on how many times a week you are doing so + when drying, allow your hair to air dry as much as possible before putting the hot dryer on it.

Ever since I’ve entered my 30’s, and even the last year or so of my 20’s, I have become so much more comfortable with…ME…in so many way. But keeping on topic,, I’ll just continue talking about hair! (LOL)

When I was super young, I hated, I mean, [really] hated my crazy, curly hair. I’d look at myself in the mirror and couldn’t stand the sight of myself. I honestly felt ugly. I wished for straight hair like you have no idea. (unless you have crazy curls like mine, than maybe you can sympathize!) As a pre-teen and all thru my teenage years and nearly my entire twenties, I dried the shit out of my hair and flat ironed it to death. Eek.
 I don’t remember the exact time I started becoming slightly ok with my curls but I think it was somewhere around 25/26. I’d let my curls be free here and there but I was still flat ironing most of the time. I still don’t love my curls and definitely don’t feel my [most] confident when I let my hair go naturally, but as I said earlier, I’m learning to love them. I most like my curls during the warmer months of the year, when I have a great tan going on and it makes me feel sexy & exotic. I let my hair go natural almost all week, only drying & styling my hair for the weekend or if I happen to have a shoot or event during the week. 

I spent years & years straightening my hair. Just thinking about it, I feel bad for my hair…all that blow drying + frying it with a flat iron. Eek. It was the only way I liked my hair and I couldn’t imagine loving my hair any differently. Until…

Finally, I learned how to use a curling iron! (haha) Its only been a couple years since I started using one, but I quickly fell in love with those loose & lovely waves. They make me feel so pretty & feminine. This is my current favorite way to style my hair and I couldn’t tell you the last time I straightened my hair. The last time I did, I didn’t even like it! Which is kind crazy considering how obsessed I was with having stick straight hair! 

Below are some of my favorite products & styling tools from high to low…all kinds of products that I have used throughout the years and love. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post & learned a little something along the way! xx

Much Love, 

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