Best Butt Exercises // 5 Moves For a Tighter Tush

Happy Hump Day, FitBabes! For a little Hump Day Fitspo I thought I’d share with you 5 of my favorite exercises for shaping a better booty – tight, toned, round & perky! 🙂 

These 5 exercises below, are moves that I absolutely love & rotate thru my workouts 1-2x per week to keep my tush sitting pretty! 

These moves, combined with the following LS FitTips will help get you closer to that tight & toned booty AND body we all desire:

Eat a diet full of leafy greens, colorful veggies, antioxidant-rich fruits & berries. gluten free, plant based proteins (think: quinoa, lentils, chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc..) + small amounts of organic, lean animal proteins (chicken, fish, grass fed beef)
Aim for 3-4L per day to boost metabolism, flush out toxins & help with digestion
A few of my fat burning faves – avocados, coconut oil + raw, unsalted nuts & seeds (walnuts, almonds, pistachios, sunflowers seeds & pepitas)
30 minutes minimum / 5x per week  – walk, run, bike, swim – just get that heart rate up and be sure to work in fat burning/metabolism boosting High Intensity Intervals to maximize your time & energy. 

5 Moves for a Tighter Tush 

Using either a bench or steps, choosing a height that is appropriate for your height & fitness level…
START. Keeping your foot planted on the bench/step, (make sure your heel is not hanging off)
Exhale, push yourself up, extending/straightening that working leg completely. Be sure to bring that hip thru & squeeze the glute of working leg. 
FINISH. Inhale, lower opposite foot back down to tap the ground and then push yourself right back up again.
ADVANCED OPTION. To get your heart rate up a bit more + get the abs involved, try pulling oppostite knee up to your chest rather than touching the bench with your toes. From here, lower right back down to the ground and then push right back up pulling that knee up again. 
Perform 15-25 reps per leg / 3 rounds

START. In a wide stance, toes turned outward, inhale to lower, sitting back like there is a chair behind you. 
FINISH. Exhale, push yourself back up thru the heels & raise up onto your toe tips. *I like to do these barefoot which really helps to get high onto those toe tips* Hold at the top for one count squeezing that booty. Lower & repeat! 
– Perform 20-25 reps / 3 rounds – 

START. Inhaling, step back into a lunge creating a 90 degree bend in that front/working leg. 
FINISH. Exhale, pushing thru the front heel to bring yourself forward & pulling that opposite knee tightly up to your stomach/chest. Lunge back & repeat!
– Perform 15-20 reps, per leg / 3 rounds –

START. Standing both feet together, toes pointed forward. 
 Inhale as your lean forward with a long, flat back (no hunching here) abs pulled in tightly, reaching hands towards to the floor. As you reach for the floor the opposite leg lifts & extends straight behind you.
FINISH. Exhale, to push yourself back up to standing PUSHING thru the HEEL of that working leg. 
Make sure you complete a full ROM (range of motion), coming all the way up, standing tall. 
 – Perform 12-15 reps, per leg / 3 rounds –

START. Lying on your back, heels on top of Stability Ball, Exhale to lift your hips up into a bridge as high as you can with no pressure on the low back. Be sure to pull your abs in tightly at the top. Hold for one count, engaging glutes & hamstrings. 
FINISH. Inhale, slowy lower back to start position and just before you touch the mat, lift those hips back up again. 
– Perform 20-25 reps / 3 rounds –

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to seeing changes & results in your body. These moves + the tips I’ve shared above, when done on the regular will absolutely produce the results your after! Please leave any comments or questions and I’m happy to answer back!! 

Much Love, 

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