Book Review: Eat Pretty – Nutrition for Beauty, Inside & Out

Hello beauties! 
I am so excited to share & review this lovely & inspirational, nutritional volume with you all!!  Eat Pretty – Nutrition for Beauty, Inside & Out, so thoughtfully written by Joelen Hart. I completely fell in love with this book & devoured all of its Eat Pretty knowledge!

So I have to say, its not very often that I actually purchase a book about health/nutrition/fitness…
1) Humbly speaking, I already know so much. I mean, I am health nut, you guys!! I am utterly obsessed with health & wellness and eating for optimal health & beauty from within, IS my way of life! 
2) There is so much regurgitated information out there when it comes to these topics not many books are worth buying
3) Google it! lol

With all that being said, I was first drawn to this book by 1) the title 2) its beautiful, whimsical cover So I picked it up, read the inside cover, scanned the chapters + a few pages and made the decision to buy Eat Pretty right then & there, while standing in Anthropologie

I loved how Eat Pretty is broken into 2 easy-to-read parts…
Part 1: Rethink Beauty
Part 2: Four Seasons to Eat Pretty

Begins by listing & talking about the Beauty Betrayers. So what are these Beauty Betrayers? BB’s are foods & drink such as sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, fried foods, gluten, etc… as well as environmental pollutants & toxins that rob us of our beauty. Chapters 2 & 3 go on to talk about The Eat Pretty Philosophy + Beauty Nutrition 101, going into more detail about how the foods we eat or don’t eat, effect us — our health & beauty – from the inside-out.

I can’t say how much I love the individual topics in each of these chapters as I believe, whole-heartedly, You Are What You Eat. Every time you eat, you are given an opportunity to fuel & nourish your body & beauty from within. This is such an amazing thing, isn’t it!? With that being said, for me, much of the information within the pages of Eat Pretty isn’t exactly ground breaking information when it comes to Eating Pretty this is only because I already adhere to an Eat Pretty lifestyle. However, at the same time I did learn a lot, if this makes sense?? I’m always interested in learning more about the science behind WHY & HOW the specific foods I am putting in my body contribute to my overall well-being & specifically, my beauty — doing all I can to keep my skin & complexion + hair & nails strong, healthy, youthful & vibrant. Jolene does just that, going into detail with beautiful, easy-to-follow charts depicting the specific nutrients + beauty boosting benefits within every leafy green, fruit & vegetable we bite into! 

oh! Part 2, I love you! This was most definitely my favorite part of the book as I believe in living in harmony with the seasons. What does this mean? Eating seasonally (i.e.: raw foods in s/s & warm, healing foods in the f/w), being in tune with your body, knowing when to rest, just to name a few… all contribute to looking & feeling & living as your best, most beautiful, energetic self all year long!   

Beginning with Chapter 4 – A Beautiful Kitchen For All Seasons, provides you with everything you’ll need to create your Eat Pretty Pantry, setting you up for success in the the chapters ahead, as Jolene guides you thru all of the beautiful seasons (uhmm, even winter…my least favorite) In each season, (chapter) you’ll learn which foods are in season providing your body with an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, rather than consuming foods that may be out of season. 

If you’ve been looking for that inspiration to finally change your lifestyle & revive that gorgeous glow from within, Eat Pretty is a wonderful guide to do so! Throughout this fabulous volume, you’ll find numerous charts providing detailed health & beauty info for every “glow-getting” food you can think of along with delicious, beauty-boosting recipes to match! Eat Pretty brings the foods we eat to life, so to speak! I find it incredibly fascinating to know what I can eat to make my skin even clearer, hair thicker & make my eyes shine a little brighter! There is nothing like natural beauty and living an Eat Pretty lifestyle will no doubt improve the way you look & feel! This book is a gem – I’ll absolutely be pulling my copy out over & over again to reference as the seasons change & remind me how & what I should be eating/doing to get the most out the foods I’m eating & the season.

Much Love, Health & Forever Beauty, 

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