Braised Red Cabbage with Apples & Golden Raisins

So, I’m off to NYC on Thursday afternoon and I seriously cannot stand wasting food. Like it hurts my heart to throw food away. I bought this head of red cabbage about 5 days ago and I knew if I didn’t do something with it, it would spoil by the time I got back. So I woke up on Monday morning and, after realizing I had everything I needed to throw together a pot of Braised Red Cabbage, I was in the kitchen chopping away! 


red cabbage. whole head, cut into fourths
yellow onion. 1 large
golden raisins. 1 cup
organic pink lady apple. 1 large (totally should have used 2)
Bragg’s ACV. 1/2 cup
sunflower oil. 2 tablespoons
sea salt & pepper. to taste


cut away the bottom, stem/stump looking part. cut cabbage into half. remove the core on each half of the cabbage by slicing triangles, cutting in on a diagonal to remove the core. once the core is removed, cut your halves into half, giving you 4 sections. Lay each section on one of its flat sides, cutting across making 1/2 inch strips. 
cut away each end. remove the skin/peel. Cut in half. cutting length wise, making 1/4 in. slices. Next, cutting crosswise about 1/2 inch. pieces. 
Removing the core either with a core remover or simply cutting around it, you’ll cut your apple similar to your onion. lengthwise first, creating about 1/4 inch sections. Then, crosswise, making your cuts about 1/2 inch apart. 

– In a large pot, heat oil on medium heat. First, in goes your onion. Sautéing & stirring for about 6-8 minutes until slightly browned. 
– Throw in all your cabbage, keeping a close eye, stirring frequently. Once the cabbage begins to soften & cook down, add in your 1/2 cup of vinegar. Continue to stir your cabbage, allowing the vinegar to cook down & at this point your cabbage will begin to braise.
– Add in your cup of golden raisins + apple + sea salt & pepper. mixing all ingredients in your pot really well.
– cover and simmer for about 12-15 minutes, removing lid a few times to give everything a little mix around. 

I never would have thought that cabbage would grow to be one of my absolute favorite foods! Growing up, cabbage was kind of a staple veg in our house, especially in the form of Kraut Salat!  Its not that I ever disliked Cabbage, I just wasn’t as {crazy} about it as I am at this point in my adult life. Now, I can’t seem to get enough of it whether its raw, cooked/steamed/sautéed or thrown into a soup! Both green & red cabbage are super delicious, can be used in so many ways/recipes & offer so many health benefits! If your not already a fan of this crunchy, cruciferous veg — definitely consider finding ways to work this fabulous veggie into your diet on the reg.


low in calories & carbs
high in vitamins & nutrients – particularly Vitamin C & A
high water content food
high in antioxidants
good course of protein
high in fiber

Any veggies you just totally can’t get enough of!? xx

Much Love, 

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