Breakfast Lately // Clean & Simple Breakfast Inspiration

Hello Loves! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! For the last few weeks, I’ve been snapping photos of what I’ve been making for breakfast so I could put together this fun mélange of super clean & simple breakfasts!
I’ve said this so many times, but your morning really does set the tone for the rest of your day. Wake up thinking positive thoughts, get your caffeine on & make yourself a nourishing brekkie thats going to fuel your brain & body for the day ahead!

Depending on what I have going on…schedule, workouts, cravings, what I ate the day before, hormones, whatever…. my mornings are filled with a mix of my favorite breakfast foods…
smoothies/smoothie bowls, breakfast salads, bowls of yogurt + fruit & superfoods, oatmeal (hot or cold) and my current obsession, Udi’s gluten free toast with almond butter & banana!

A little reminder to always listen to your body, some days I wake up starving and I’m feeling a big bowl of oats, other days I’m satisfied with a smoothie/smoothie bowl. Love your amazing body that does so much for you & fuel it with clean, colorful, wholesome foods! Hope this post helps to inspire or mix up the ol’ breakfast routine! xx

Much Love, Health & Happiness!

2 eggs cooked in coconut oil over a big bed of
arugala + tomatoes + celery + raw pecans + dried cranberries + goat cheese

Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Adam & I currently can’t stop eating almond butter + banana & honey
on toasted Udi’s gluten free millet-chia bread

plain goat yogurt mixed with maca powder & vanilla protein powder topped off with banana + strawberries + goji berries + cacao nibs + almond butter & all the superfoods

gluten free oats + banana & organic PB

goat yogurt + sooooo much gooey goodness!! LOL
banana + pomegranate seeds + toasted flaxseed + almond butter + dates + all the superfoods

Camu Camu Berry Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl

I totally had a second egg, but ya know, the picture just looked prettier with one! (haha)
I also had a piece of toast with almond butter & honey.

Overnight Chia-Oats!
For Adam and I, I soaked 1 cup of gluten free oats + 3 tablespoons of chia seeds in 1 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond-coconut milk. In the morning, I added another 1/4 of milk, gave everything a good mixing and topped it off with raw pecans, banana & honey! So yumm, guys!!

yummiest spinach & goat cheese omelette + banana with almond butter

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