Cabin Fever Workout

Hello, Hi!!
Starting to catch a little cabin fever over here. Totally snowed in, had to cancel all sessions and no chance of getting to the gym today. BUT…that did not stop me from getting in a kick ass workout. Put together this little workout for myself (and for you) that got my heart pumping and sweatin’ it up! Full body circuit but a focus on legs & booty — yeah baby! 3 rounds was plenty for me. Can’t believe this, but I am still sore from Monday’s boxing workout…I seriously got worked by that double end bag!! O.M.G.

Cabin Fever Workout

Cabin Fever Workout

LS FitTips:

Split Squats: kicked my back foot up on a chair in my room. If the split squat is too much for you, simply do a static lunge, where both feet are on the floor. 30 seconds each leg.
Leg Raises: I used a resistance band. If you don’t have one just do the move for 45 sec or even a minute.
Lateral Jumps: Strong push off the outside foot, try to stick it/balance without setting your inside foot down on the mat/floor. If you can’t do this, no worries. just something to work towards. If you can’t jump, just step. Do what YOU can do. Its SO easy to modify exercises — remember to stay within YOUR level of fitness.
Balancing, Glute Kickback: If your balance is off, position yourself next to something you can lightly hold onto – emphasis on lightly. This way your still working some balance training.
Squat/Upright Row Combo: Squat down, hips & booty pushing back, watch your knees don’t move past your toes, reach dumbbells between your legs. (inhale) Push thru the heels to stand as your row the dumbbells up in front of your torso/chest. (exhale)  If 1 minute is too much, cut it back to 30 sec or 45.

And here are a few photos to go along with this workout…hope these help! 😀

Split Squats - Lauren Schwaiger

Split Squats

Squat/Upright Row Combo - Lauren Schwaiger

Squat/Upright Row Combo


Side Plank - Lauren Schwaiger

Left: Side Plank | Right: Leg Raises

Balancing Glute Kickback - Lauren Schwaiger

Balancing Glute Kickback

Workout Jams -  Lauren Schwaiger

A peek into today’s jams….some old, some new. All good, upbeat music to sweat to.

breakfast - omelette

And now for today’s eats…. Yummy omelette for breakfast…
posted a little omelette inspiration this morning.

Chicken Frikadellen

Mmmm…. lunch. leftover chicken frikadellen w/ organic blue chips & salsa

Garden of Eatin - Organic Blue Corn Chips

Spirulina, Banana & Cherry Smoothie

 made this spirulina smoothie after my workout….so simple.
tspn spirulina | 1 banana | 2 slices, pineapple | 1/2 cup frozen cherries | USV almond milk

Broccoli Soup

Din was more broccoli soup from last night. oh, and more chips & salsa.

Went for a really peaceful walk at sunset tonight. The sun came out to dance on top of all the snow, the air was so clear & fresh and the sky was so many beautiful shades of pink, purple & orange.  Had fun just slushin’ around in the melting snow.

Happy Thursday Night, LS

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