Cherry Berry Smoothie Bowl

Hello beauties!
So I was actually craving something not green + wanted that enjoyment of chewing rather than sipping, for breakfast the other morning! lol After pulling open the freezer drawer to see what frozen fruits I had in my arsenal, the result was this I-just-ate-dessert-for-breakfast, antioxidant rich, make-you-glow-from-the-inside-out Cherry Berry Smoothie Bowl! You kinda need this in your life!!

A little SB FYI: Smoothie Bowls need a bit more TLC than your average smoothie. In order to get that frozen, eat-with-a-spoon consistency, a bit of finessing between the blender & your ingredients is required. Too much liquid? Forget the bowl, just go ahead & grab yourself a glass. Too little?? you got yourself a block of frozen fruits that won’t budge in the blender. My smoothie bowl advice? Start with less than you think & keep adding just a splash of liquid until you get a thick & smooth consistency! I promise the extra time involved is totally worth it!!

Cherry Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

organic frozen dark cherries. 2 cups
organic frozen mixed berries. 1 cup
unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 1 cup

1/2 banana
unsweetened coconut
chia seeds. 2 tablespoons
a few fresh raspberries

(serves 2)

I made one SB for moi & one for the boy but only photographed mine. Each bowl was topped with 1/2 a banana. I probably winded up adding about 1/4 cup more almond milk in addition to the initial cup. Grab your spoon & enjoy!! xx

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