Chopped Spinach Avocado & Veggie Salad

Spring & Salad Season are in full bloom! Although I’m a salad lover no matter the season, as the weather heats up I can & will be living off of giant salads like this beautiful Chopped Spinach, Avocado & Veggie Salad, topped off with my all-time fave, goat cheese!

The weather has only begun to warm and already I’m feeling lighter – energetically speaking – and craving loads of salads, green smoothies & bowls of fruit. Spring is a season to lighten up, renew & regenerate and eating a diet full of leafy greens & colorful veggies is an amazing way to do this!

large handful, organic baby spinach, chopped
1 organic tomato
1/2 med sized avocado 
1/2 organic english cucumber 
nice size of goat cheese (yum!!!)

1/2 organic lemon, juiced
pinch sea salt + pepper

Cut your spinach, avocado & veggies chunky, give everything a good mix and enjoy all of the delicious, nourishing flavors of this salad with every bite! xx

Much Love,

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