Christmas Day + Weekend

Hiya loves! Sharing the last of the Christmas fun….
After our lovely Christmas Eve here in CLT, Adam & I hopped in the car midday to spend the rest of the holiday weekend + his mom’s birthday with his family in Raleigh!
We arrived at his parents house around 430ish on Christmas Day and we pretty much got started with making Christmas dinner which was bacon wrapped filets, wild mushroom risotto & a big mixed salad! 

Saturday morning was Christmas all over again to see Adam’s brother, sis-in-law + niece & nephews + do gifts with the kids! Afterwards, we just chilled out then did a long walk and came home absolutely zonked — I think all the Christmasing finally hit us…. we threw our legs up on the wall and basically did a deep stretch class on the floor in the dinning room. (LOL) By the time we were done stretching, it was time to shower and get ready for dinner to celebrate Momma Stone’s birthday! We went to a Sushi / Asian Fusion spot called, An. Pretty good food with some fun plates, for sure. We all ordered a bunch of stuff to share & pass around the table! 

organic, frozen raspberries & blueberries + banana + flaxseed +
cinnamon + unsweetened almond milk 

nice hour long walk along the greenway 

I SO love this picture!!! 

Sunday morning, we got up just before 9, had coffee & smoothies and quickly headed over to Adam’s brothers house to see & play with the kids before nap times & such. After, it was back to his parents, where we made a midday lunch of leftovers and I made another yummy salad. At this point, my stomach was a wreck from eating all kinds of rich & heavy foods + sugar, gluten & dairy (Ughh) that I’m just not used to eating so I passed on the leftover steak & risotto and opted for extra salad + put some chicken salad on top. We still hadn’t exchanged gifts with his parents, so we did that and not too long after we were back in the car to get home to CLT! 

mixed greens + cherry tomatoes + yellow bell pepper +
roasted asparagus + goat cheese crumbles 

Thanks for stopping in! Wishing everyone the happiest & super safe NYE!! xx
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Much Love, 

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