Citrus C-eason

Of course you can easily find citrus fruits all year round, but you might be surprised to learn that the best time of year to peel into your favorite citrus fruits is actually, right now — the winter season! Fighting a cold as I’m writing this post, there’s no better time of year to stock up on your favorite citrus fruits, that are loaded with immune boosting, cold & flu fighting, Vitamin C! 

Load up on these in-season citrus fruits, which are at their ripest & juiciest to keep your immune system strong all winter long:

– Grapefruits
– Lemons
– Tangerines
– Clemetines
– Oranges
– Kamquats
– Blood Oranges

I love eating citrus fruits not only for their Vitamin C content, but also to get a dose of anti-aging antioxidants & fiber. Add my 2 faves – lemons & grapefruits – to your diet on the daily to help cleanse & flush toxins from your body, boost your metabolism & burn fat. 

I love to eat/drink…
1) Warm water + Lemon in the am & sometimes again in the evening if I feel like I’m in need of some extra cleansing/digestive help.
2) Grapefruit in the morning or about an hour after dinner to help with digestion. 

Much Love & here’s to a healthy winter season! xx

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