Clean Eats. 3.18.14

Hey there & happy Tuesday loves. Hoping your day was lovely :)Dropping in to share today’s clean eats.
Other than it being another cold & gloominous day here in CLT it was a good day.
Trained clients until 2pm, got in an awesome 100 Rep workout, quick run home to eat, shower and headed right back to the hotel for a much needed 80 minute deep tissue massage. Needless to say, I am uber relaxed and gonna shut it down early tonight.

Multi Colored RosesThe simplest of life’s little pleasures…flowers 🙂
How pretty are these roses? They certainly brighten up these cold & rainy days we’ve been having.
I’ve been picking up fresh flowers every Sunday at Trader Joe’s while doing my Sunday shopping.
They have the prettiest selection of flowers. They just make me so happy and give off such a beautiful, fresh scent.

Banana Coconut Paleo Pancakes Mmm Mmm …brek was leftover Paleo Pancakes.
I used the rest of my batter that I whipped up on Sunday and they were actually even better today. I pulled the batter out of the fridge as soon as I woke up to let it come to room temp, plus, I added a TBSN of Chia Seeds. Sliced up 1/2 a banana to place in between the two pancakes, sprinkled a bit of unsweetened, shredded coconut and a baby spoon of organic, maple syrup.
Banana Coconut Paleo Pancakes

Superfood CerealPost Workout was this scrumptious bowl of strawberries and basically every damn superfood that can be found in my fridge.
Plus, dried apricots & dried prunes. Just a bit of unsweetened, coconut milk.
I also ate 3 egg whites.
Pre workout, I ate a large Granny Smith apple & red rice. Awesome carbs — gave me so much energy for my workout.

Mixed greens salad simple, no carb din.
Salad | Baked Cod | Steamed Asparagus
Asparagus & Baked Cod
Summer Salad Last nights “Summer Salad” was so good.
Mixed Greens | Small Fuji Apple | Strawberries | Pepitas, Goji’s & Almonds | Goat Cheese | drizzle of Olive Oil

Look for today’s 100 rep workout on the blog later this week! I’m working on a vid to go along with the circuit.
Enjoy your evening! xx

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