Clients to Cocktails : Dressy Jeans + Blouse + Blazer

Hello Darlings! Welcome to Clients to Cocktails! A new Style Series dedicated to bringing you chic & polished workwear inspiration to take you from those busy days filled with clients & meetings to cocktails with co-workers/friends/family/your significant other! In my case, you can make that cocktail a good glass of wine!🍷😌

Times have definitely changed when it comes to what’s acceptable to wear to the office or to meet clients, especially if you don’t find yourself working in Corporate America. Depending on your work environment, I feel like business-casual has definitely become more of the norm. With so many self-employed entrepreneurs and start-ups, many of us able to make our own rules when it comes to what we wear to work! Can we say goodbye stuffy, office style!? ✌🏼🙅🏻With all that being said, I have definitely run into people where I’ve thought to myself “what ARE you wearing” but hey, I only have control over what I put on in the morning. {LOL}

My schedule has changed tremendously throughout 2017 and I have definitely changed the way I get dressed to go about my day. I have spent the last 10 years personal training & teaching yoga {that makes me sound so old!} which means I have left my house in a pair of leggings on more days than I can count!

These days, when I’m not catching up on paperwork in front of my computer, I’m running all over Charlotte meeting clients for showings/listing presentations, meeting other agents, attending closings, open houses, grabbing coffee with new clients, and, on many evenings, I wind up meeting friends for food & drinks!

With all that being said, you guys know I’m all about comfort, but at the same time I want to look chic & polished when meeting clients — those new ones especially! First impressions are everything, right!?  😉

I absolutely love(!) the look of a great pair of dressy jeans + a feminine blouse + a blazer & heels! This is such a classic combo & and the best part about this power outfit is that it can easily transition from (work)day and beyond without feeling the need to change — especially if you simply take off your blazer to reveal a fabulous blouse!

My jeans are a total splurge from rag & bone but.. #WorthIt !! I wear these babies all.the.time!! My blouse is from Kate Spade which I was able to get for 40% OFF in return for hosting a fun event with our Charlotte Kate Spade store and my Mural Blazer is from Nordstrom.

I’ve linked a few of my favorites below! I hope you all enjoy this series! If there’s anything you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments below! xx


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