Clients to Cocktails : Dressy Jeans, Booties & Cropped Sweater

Hi Darlings! Welcome to another Clients to Cocktails! In case you missed the first post in this new Style Series, you can click that link above to check out my previous post!
I think its safe to say that you can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans, boots & a chic sweater….amiright!?

I love this combo because I feel like I can literally run around alllll day in this getup and never feel uncomfortable all while looking cute & put together! I’ve worn this combo for showing property 2x times + to a closing and love how easy this outfit is to just throw on & go – 1.2.3.

IMHO, I don’t feel that OTK Boots are all that appropriate for meeting clients – their just a bit too sassy pants if ya ask me! What do you think? Would you meet a client in OTK (Over The Knee) Boots?! With that being said, a cute pair of ankle booties are much more day time/workwear appropriate… 🙂 My Vince Camuto Over The Knee Boots are on sale for $119 — marked down from $239!

If your anything like me, you travel with multiple bags in your car for whatever the day brings. Work, workout/yoga, and then back to work anyone? This sums up my routine on many days so I’m constantly packing a bag full of belongings to get me thru any given day. With that being said, I would definitely toss my OTK Boots in the car with me if I happen to be meeting friends for  food & drinks after work — they give this simple jean + cropped sweater combo a little more oomph than ankle booties.

What’s your work environment? Do you have to get dressed in true office attire or do you work for yourself & get to keep things casual? Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the comments below!




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