So last Wednesday evening I took one of the best group exercise classes I’ve taken in like, a really long time, if not ever – seriously! I was invited to check out the Fitness Kickboxing class @ East Coast Fighter (4128 South Boulevard) and I walked away from the class feeling freaking amazing, dripping in sweat & basically like a badass.  

If you’ve been following along here on Le Blog, or just know me personally, you know that I have been boxing on & off for about the last 7 years. For years, my friend & fellow trainer Nick & I would trade boxing for yoga and we did this on a weekly basis, forever! Well, Nick now has 3 baby girls, life changes, you get busy & I can’t remember the last time I did a boxing workout other than just hitting the bag on my own at the gym or shadow boxing/punching drills with 2-3lb dumbbells. All that being said, me hitting the bag on my own just doesn’t compare to the workout I got while doing mitt work with Nick and now… this Fitness Kickboxing class at ECF.  Boxing is hands down the hardest, most challenging, empowering workout I’ve ever done. I LOVE it!! If you’ve never tried it I can’t encourage you enough to #justdoit (!!!) 
If you want to become stronger, not just physically, but mentally, try boxing! If your wanting to lose weight & get in shape & push yourself to your limits, try boxing! 

I’m usually not the biggest fan of group exercise classes but the Fitness Kickboxing class at East Coast Fighter was so awesome. I totally loved the structure of the workout – not a second was wasted and you were constantly moving but the structure of the circuits allowed your heart rate to come down just in time to push thru your next round of drills. 


class started with this warm up – 49 Orlando Strong! (Yes!!)
We performed 49 reps of every exercise you see in the pic above broken down into 4 rounds of 10 + 1 round of 9. Let me tell you, by the time I got to the 5th round, I was so happy to do one less rep of everything – those burpees, especially! LOL

From here we moved into our circuits of drills on the heavy bag combining typical boxing combo’s + Muay Thai moves like elbows, knees & kicks as well. In between our punch/kick drills on the heavy bag we dropped to the floor to push thru mountain climbers & plank jacks and each full circuit was completed with a set of 10 air squats. 

By the end of the workout I was absolutely pooped!! And drenched in sweat. And I loved every minute of it! 

If your interested in taking the Fitness Kickboxing class, here is the weekly schedule:
Mondays @ 6am, 5pm, 6pm
Tuesdays @ 5pm, 6pm
Wednesdays @ 6am, 5pm & 6pm
Thursdays @ 5pm, 6pm

Plus, a couple other classes that sound pretty awesome and I’m planning to take:
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays @ 10.15am
Thursdays @ 5.15pm (only $5 per class!)
Mondays @ 4pm (only $5 per class!)

HELLO!! 5 dollars!? There aren’t many of these out there!

In addition to group classes, if you’ve ever had an interest in Martial Arts, East Coast Fighter offers traditional Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu classes as well. 
I honestly can’t say enough about this place. I loved the workout & the space and everyone I met couldn’t have been sweeter or more helpful! I’m going back again this Wednesday to take the 5pm Fitness Kickboxing class with Denise! 

Please don’t think you can’t do this workout if you don’t have any prior boxing/kickboxing experience. There were women of all ages, shapes, sizes & fitness levels in this class and everyone completed the workout, together! I do have my own wraps & boxing gloves but gloves are provided if needed. Every combo we did was explained & demonstrated before we started and of course, you can move at your own pace. 

I hope you enjoyed the post & definitely check out East Coast Fighter if your looking for a killer workout! 

PS. The gym is located off South Blvd. but the space is actually toward the back of the shopping center/parking lot. My GPS told me to turn down Old Pineville Rd. which was definitely WRONG. lol Look for the elephant & the Appliance Store and the next shopping center is where you need to be!  Its on the right hand side of South Blvd. if your heading away from uptown. 😉 

Visit East Coast Fighter to learn more about their awesome gym & see the full schedule! 


Much Love,


  1. amy
    June 28, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    That warm up looks more like a workout! This reminds me of a place I used to go to on Monroe called Krav Maga.

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      June 28, 2016 / 10:37 pm

      Hey girl! OMG, that warm up, right!? Totally a full on workout.You should come meet me sometime. Yes, I’ve heard of Krav Maga.Hope you are doing well!! xoxo

  2. amy
    June 29, 2016 / 5:49 pm

    Let me know if you ever go to any of the 6 pm classes….or anytime on the weekends 🙂

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