Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop + Weekend Love, Sun & Fun

Hi, Hi hoping everyone is having a great week so far! I am currently fighting something nasty over here — not quite sure if its a cold coming on or allergies (which I refuse to believe I’ve developed) but whatever it is, its kicking my butt & I’m feeling super poopy — weak, stuffy + sore throat. 🙁 
So last weekend was pretty perfect — filled up with all the people & things I love & make me super happy! 
Spring + that indescribable feeling is officially in the air and I’m really hoping it stays this way! CLT occasionally gets that March cold snap/freeze but I’m thinking we are in the clear. (fingers tightly crossed!) 

After training a client on Saturday afternoon, I came home and we headed out for a long walk (5 miles) which lead us to Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop. Craft, located in South End, is a newish, super chill & cool speciality grocer serving craft beer + local meats & cheeses along with other yummies to munch on! My bf has been to Craft only once before and we’ve yet to go together bc I don’t drink beer and he’s not really much of a beer drinker himself… Before we headed in that direction we checked to see if they had started to serve/carry wine yet and lucky us, they do! 
Only by the bottle, as of now (hopefully, that changes) so we grabbed a bottle + ordered a couple bites and headed outside to their patio which couldn’t have been more glorious as it was in full sun! 

Saturday morning started with these happy little brekkie bowls made with lots of love love love…
Goat Yogurt layered w/ blueberries & cinnamon, topped off with
strawberries & bananas + cacao nibs & hemp seeds

this arugula salad was super simple & fresh, with roasted red peppers, hearts of palm & goat cheese. The boy ordered the charcuterie plate. lol I stole a couple olives + slices of prosciutto  

Later on we decided on making this so-good Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe from Rick Bayless for a fun Saturday night dinner in! Takes a little bit of time, but definitely worth it!

homemade tortilla chips & strips for our yummy soup!

Sunday started with an incredible yoga practice with Rian Harris at Yoga One. It was just one of those practices that felt so good. Rian began the class with such a wonderful message, talking about how you create your own experiences on the mat and in life + shared a personal story about himself that just set the tone for a really beautiful, empowered practice. 

Quick rinse at the studio, a stop into Target and then fast bite at 131 Main before we needed to get home & ready to go to my parents to celebrate my sisters birthday! We were supposed to have a big Italian dinner but my mom started to feel Flu-ish on Saturday night, waking up with a full blown Flu on Sunday morning. My super sweet dad took the reigns, turned our Italian dinner into an Austrian feast of Schnitzels, Kartoffelsalat (Potato Salad) & Krautsalat (Cabbage Salad) + his famous (in our family) Garlic Bread & some yummy apps before we sat for dinner. 

this cake was amaze!!! 
So light & fluffy with lots of coconut & fruit! YUM! 
And I’m in love with these HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles I got for my sis! 🙂

We had such a nice family day just hanging out & celebrating my sister with great food & wine! Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend, too, and got outside to soak up the amazing weather! xx

Much Love, 

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