Creamy Vanilla Banana Smoothie Bowl

Hello Fellows! Sharing another fun & delicious smoothie bowl with you all today! I’m always going thru phases with all sorts of things and when it comes to breakfast, I’m super into smoothie bowls, atm. They are such a yummy, energizing & nutritionally packed way to start the day + keeps the breakfast routine fun & fresh!

Creamy Vanilla Banana Smoothie Bowl

maca powder. 1 scoop
vanilla protein powder. 1 scoop
1 frozen banana
plain goat yogurt. 1 cup
trader joe’s pumpkin pie spice. 1/4 teaspoon
pure vanilla extract. 1/2 teaspoon

chia seeds. 3 tablespoons
sliced banana
unsweetened coconut
cacao nibs

So I decided to use goat yogurt rather than the usual almond milk just to switch it up & it was SO good! If your not into goat yogurt, then use a plain Greek yogurt of your choosing. I’m a major fan of goats products over here – milk, cheese, yogurt – it has less lactose than cows products (which I don’t eat) and contains natural probiotics just like other types of yogurt. The yogurt really adds a nice creamy, richness to this delicious bowl! If you’ve never tried it and have a lactose allergy/sensitivity, I highly recc the goat! 😉 

 I know I always say this, but I loved this superfood smoothie bowl!! After I snapped these pics, I made a mess of it all, mixing everything together & let the chia seeds get all that gooey & gelatinous goodness going on! This bowl is packed with fiber, loads of protein (chia seeds + protein powder + yogurt) and antioxidants. Hope you enjoy! xx

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