Custom {Sister} Rings with The Antiquarian

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Hello friends! I am so excited to share this post with you all today! My sister Bianca celebrated her 40th birthday in March this year and I wanted to do something super special for this milestone birthday.

Years ago, my mom gave me a gorgeous set of tanzanite stones that she purchased in the islands while on a cruise {you can get some amazing deals on jewelry in the islands!} I never did anything with the stones — they had just been sitting in their little box, in a drawer for years. I was trying to come up with a really awesome 40th birthday gift idea and I remembered I had these beautiful stones! That being said, I came up with the idea to have matching “sister rings” made with the sentiment that every time we wear our rings we think of each other and feel connected.

Enter Lindsay Parker aka The Antiquarian. I came across Lindsay and her beautiful, custom work after randomly scrolling on Facebook one day and saw a post from my girlfriend, Ashley, who shared a gorgeous pendant necklace that she had designed to commemorate the birth of her son. I loved the necklace, Googled Linsday, found that she was local {yay!} and contacted her right away. Within a week, we met in person and my special little project began…

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The Design Process

I had a pretty solid idea of the design I was going for and Lindsay was amazing at bringing my idea to life. At our first meeting, she asked me questions of what I wanted, we looked at images of rings that I loved for inspiration and Lindsay went to work on my rings. The next time we met, she had 2 resin prototypes made for me that I could actually try on to see how the ring would look & feel on our fingers. From here, we made a few small but impactful changes to the design. Once the changes were made, I received another set of prototypes and I loved everything. With no more changes to be made, it was time for Lindsay to cast the rings and a couple weeks later I had my beautiful set of custom tanzanite rings – one for me & one for my sister!

The whole process of creating these incredibly special rings was so. much. fun. and made my heart so happy to give to my sister. She was super surprised and she just melted over us having matching “sister” rings.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Lindsay – she’s super cool, creative & professional! Every time we met, we’d sit and chat about all the things – so I not only have a new, beautiful ring, but a new friend, too!

me and my sister - Lauren Schwaiger lifestyle blog
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me and my sister - Lauren Schwaiger Lifestyle Blog
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