Dark Cherry Banana Green Smoothie

Dark Cherry Banana Green Smoothie Recipe

Happy Sunday loves!

Mmmmm Cherries!! These sweet, red beauties have always been one of my favorite fruits! Today’s combination of power greens, banana, dark cherries + cacao nibs is oh so goooood! For all you Green Smoothie newbies, this may be the one for you to try… I promise you can’t even taste the greens. 😉 I’ve made this same smoothie 3x this week!

I always keep both Cacao Powder & Nibs in the house, but in my smoothie opinion, nibs are the winner here. Sweet cherry flavor + a little crunchiness from the Cacao Nibs makes this extra satisfying and chia seeds to keep your belly full. Actually, if you let this sit for just a bit, it kinda turns into a yummy chia pudding as the seeds continue to expand & gelatinize — kinda neat. You might have to grab yourself a spoon.

So a few things I’ve always known about cherries… they are loaded with antioxidants to keep us beautiful and chase off those free-radicals & even help to fight cancer! High in fiber to keep you full, Vitamin C for healthy bones + a natural anti-inflammatory to help ease those aches, pains & muscle soreness. Plus, a couple new things I learned in my reading… Cherries contain melatonin which may help you sleep better. Who doesn’t want to sleep better?! Also, a great source of potassium to help lower your blood pressure & keep your sodium levels in check.

Dark Cherry Banana Green Smoothie - LaurenSchwaiger.com

Smoothie Ingredients

– 2 handfuls power greens
– 1 banana
– 1 cup frozen, organic dark cherries
– 2 TBSP Goji Berries
– 1 TBSP Cacao Nibs
– 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
– 1 cup water

Blend & Enjoy! xo

Dark Cherry Banana Green Smoothie

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