Day 5 & 6 – #LetsGetFlexyIn2015 Yoga Challenge

Happy Saturday, loves! Currently in the air heading back to CLT from a quick trip up to NYC. Will be posting some pics from our trip but just wanted to share the last couple days of poses from our February yoga challenge! 

Day 5: Heron Pose

My first ever #StopDropAndYoga why not go big, right!? haha
I had my babe take this pic of me before we flew out to NYC on Thursday night. 
Heron Pose is another really great hamstring opener. Try to sit up as tall as you can by pulling your abs in tightly and pulling your chest towards your thigh. Keep engaging your quad to help release the hamstring & extend your leg. 

I saw this quote scrolling thru Tumblr just after taking this..I LOVE it, its so true & goes with this photo/situation just perfectly… 🙂

There’s Power In Looking Silly And Not Caring That You Do

— Amy Poehler

Day 6: Wide-legged Forward Fold + Bind 

ahhh, I LOVE this FF. Especially with a bind! This is pretty much my go to variation when taking Wide-Legged FF since I tend to always be tight in my chest & shoulders. 
Bind: Clasp your hands & tightly squeeze palms together. Pull shoulders blades together and down your back, broadening across your shoulder blades, opening up the chest & stretching the front of your shoulders. 
FF: Taking a wide stance, feet forward, folding from the hips with a long spine (no hunching in the back) engage your quads to release thru the hamstrings & bring more weight into the balls of your feet. Continue to press hips back and tail bone towards the sky. Abs engaged, continue to fold deeper with each exhale. 
Try to hold for 5-8 breaths. 🙂


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