Do-Anywhere Full Body Circuit

Hello my Fit Babes! Happy Hump Day! 2 more days to go til the weekend! wee….
Hoping everyone is having a happy, healthy week! I am feeling super motivated over here with warmer weather upon us AND…Friday, is the official first day of Spring! 

Sharing this fantastic, fun & fast Do-Anywhere Full Body Workout, that you can, anywhere! haha You can totally do this inside but with this beautiful weather,  I recommend getting outdoors, soak up some Vitamin D, fresh air, break a sweat & feel amazing!

This full body, toning workout combines many of my favorite exercises that I do all the time — for myself & with clients – these moves work to tone your entire body & keep your heart rate up which in turn boosts your metabolism & helps your burn more cals & fat! Heck yes!

A few extra LS FitTips to keep in mind while moving thru this circuit:

I can’t say this enough. Lose the ego and focus on your breath + quality of movement
ie: Push Ups: Inhale to lower / Exhale to push yourself up to starting position 
ie: Squats: 
Inhale to lower/ Exhale to push up thru the heels

Beginner Modifications:
– 60 second moves: cut down to 45 or 30
– 30 second moves: cut down to 15 or 20 
– Perhaps 2 rounds to start?

Intermediate to Advanced Options:
– 60 second moves: increase to 90 
– 30 second moves: increase to 60
– 4 rounds

Use your best judgment. Rest when needed. Stretch and/or foam roll afterwards for long, lean muscles + prevent injury & be sure to hydrate after! xx

Much Love,

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