Do What You Love And Do It Often

Hiya loves!! Happy Hump Day!
Just a quick post sharing one of my current fave sweatshirts… just like The Best Things In Life Make You Sweaty tank I recently shared, this is another goodie from good hYOUman! They just have the cutest (and coziest) tee’s, tanks, and pullovers. I’ve been wearing this super soft sweatshirt like, all.the.time. Especially at work, because its always freezing and I have to wear a sweatshirt year round otherwise I’ll freeze!! lol

Idk about you guys, but I am such a sucker for tops with inspirational messages on them and I particularly love the short & sweet note on this sweatshirt! Remember to make the time to do the things that you love! Surround yourself with the people & things that bring a sense of calm, love & happiness into your life..

For me, I truly do appreciate the simple things in life.. It is so easy to get caught up in goals and always doing more, wanting more, achieving more but there is so much beauty in finding happiness in the simple…
I adore taking long walks & talks with Adam, yoga, cooking, drinking wine, family time with my parents, sister, niece & nephew, bike rides, really good dark chocolate, breaking a sweat, the occasional lazy day, girls nights, date nights in & out with Adam, hiking & so much more.

whatever it may be…do what you love.

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