Double Green Smoothie – Smoothie Sunday

Double Green Smoothie

Hello & Happy Sunday!
Super healthy and doubly green smoothie for all my Green Smoothie enthusiasts! No banana today, but instead, a sweet gala apple – my fave! Tons of Iron & Vitamin C from this Kale + Spinach combo with just the right amount of sweetness from apple, kiwi & pineapple fruit combo. I’ve been on a big ginger kick over the last few weeks, throwing a good sized, 1 inch chunk into the blender several times a week. For years, I had such an aversion to the taste, even smell of ginger, (bad childhood experience) and out of nowhere I have this new found love for it —  So good! Makes me feel instantly energized,  its a powerful immune booster + a natural anti-inflammatory. I definitely recommend trying it out.

Cheers to your health!! x


Double Green Smoothie Recipe

– 2 Handfuls – Organic Baby Spinach  
– 2 large Kale Leaves
– 2 Tbspn Hemp Seeds 
– 2 slices pineapple  
– 2 kiwis  
– 1 small gala apple (cored & peeled)  
– 1 inch piece of ginger  
– Juice of 1 lemon

Double Green Smoothie | Lauren Schwaiger

Double Green Smoothie Recipe

Double Green Smoothie Recipe

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