Easy Breezy

hi hi!  Hoping you had a wonderful day.Mine was pretty wonderful — polar opposite from yesterday, where I literally didn’t have a free moment. I had a super light day of sessions with a long break in between so I came home to have a little fun with the blender, broke out a bikini for the first time this year and enjoyed some downtime in the sun while doing some reading and put together yesterday’s Sexy Legs & Booty Treadmill Workout. Late afternoon was spent at Lotus Clothing Boutique being a total girl having so. much. fun. with some outfit planning for a Charity Fashion Show I’m a part of later this month. (I will be posting about this)
I’ve been having some issues with my back this week — first time I’ve legit hurt my back in my life. Just bending over yesterday was not an easy task 🙁  I pushed it a little too hard in my boxing workout last week and I definitely tweaked something. I’m off to yoga in just a few minutes to hopefully stretch it out.

Pretty light eating today….lots of fruit! My fave.

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie & 2 eggs, scrambled for breakfast.
That’s my apple + hard boiled egg in the background that pretty much just went for a little ride only to return home and go back in  the fridge because I didn’t eat it in between clients.

Acai Superfood Parfait

everything but the kitchen sink is in this mason jar… playing around with the blender this afternoon since I had plenty of free time. Chia Seeds, Acai Powder, Maca, Almond milk, Fuji Apple, Pepitas, Goji Berries… there’s a whole lotta superfood love going on here. :)) delish!!

Spring Afternoon

perfect afternoon outside. This lasted for about 45 minutes and then off to my clients office.
I cut up some strawberries and threw them in my mason jar —  spa style. 🙂

LuluLemon #ootd

Rockin’ this Lu today

Power Greens Chicken Salad

Power Greens | Onions | Raw Pepitas | Banana Peppers| Tomato
| 1/4 Avocado | Chicken Breast| Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

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