Fabulous Friday!

Hello Hello!! Hope you all had a fabulous Friday! I cannot believe it’s already the last day of Jan…this month flew! So we are already one month into the new year and just 48 days to go until the first day of Spring!!

End of month check in — How are we all doing in reaching your goals of becoming your happiest, healthiest & fittest self!? What did you do TODAY to bring you closer to where you want to be?? I just love this motivational poster below….yes. yes. YES! Feeling healthy & feeling good IS an ABSOLUTE necessity. Let me tell you, once you know what feeling good really feels like — you’ll never want to feel anything but – healthy, happy, energetic, confidant — that shit feels GOOD. Oh yes, it does.

Health & Fitness Quote - Motivation

I had a fabulous day. Got a great nights sleep and woke up to zero signs of jet lag. Full day of training clients + an awesome workout with my boxing coach. (and dear friend) Typically, we trade — he totally kicks my ass with a boxing sesh and I teach/lead him thru a yoga flow. Today though, our breaks between clients just so happened to match up, so we worked out together — awesome combo of legs, hit the heavy bag and wrapped it up with some yoga to stretch it out.


Warm Up: 3 minutes, Jump Rope + Dynamic Stretching

Legs:Front Squats & Dead Lifts – Warm Up set, 25 reps (of each) – 4 sets, 15 reps (of each)

Boxing: Heavy Bag – 4, 3 minute rounds – 30 seconds rest in between
Rounds 1 & 3: open round – throw any combination of punches
Rounds 2 & 4: Alternating speed & power drills (30 seconds each)

Yoga: about 25 minutes, slow flow vinyasa

Friday Clean Eats…

Breakfast - Eggs, Broccoli + Roasted Potatoes

Brek: 2 Eggs Scrambled in Coconut Oil | Left over Broccoli & Roasted Potatoes from dinner last night

Quinoa + Beets + Chic Peas

Dean & Deluca - Salmon Salad + Brussel Sprouts

Midi Snack: Quinoa + Beets + Chic Peas D&D between sessions, 2 of my faves:
– Salmon Salad w/ tomato, arugala, capers + onion
– Brussels Sprouts w/ cranberries & butternut squash

happy weekend lovelies! xx


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