Family Christmas Tradition: Christmas Ornaments

Words can’t describe how much I adore the Christmas Season and all the heartwarming joy it brings. Each year, I look forward to so many of our family traditions give me that happy, coziness deep down inside. One of these traditions that I love so dearly, is our Christmas Ornament tradition. Years & years ago, my mom started giving my sister & I these beautiful, whimsical & thoughtful Christmas ornaments. Additionally, she buys 3 matching ornaments — one to keep for herself + one for my sister and I. Throughout the years we’ve built such a collection of ornaments, as we unwrap them each year to decorate the tree, naturally forgetting certain ones, its like seeing them for the first time. 

As I’ve gotten older & have become even more of a sentimental mush, this incredibly simple & sweet gift has become one of my favorites — a keepsake to cherish throughout my life. We all love ornaments so much – giving & getting – that my sister & I now give our mom ornaments as gifts. My sister as already started the tradition with her children & I’ll no doubt do the same when I have kids of my own. 
This year, I’d have to say the most special ornament would be the handblown ball I had etched in Rattenberg, Austria reading “Our First Christmas, 2014” as my love & I are celebrating our first Christmas together. No photo, as its wrapped up in a box as a gift 🙂

Lots of new additions to our trees this year as we were so lucky to be in Austria just last month! We went a little crazy buying magical Christmas baubles in Rattenberg.

I’d love to hear about your special Christmas traditions! xx

Much Love,  

My sister & I picked out these ornaments from Kisslinger-Kristallglas to give to mom as a matching set

2014 Ornaments my sister had made for my niece & nephew 

a little spoiled in the ornament department, as my Opa worked for Swarovski Crystal for nearly 50 years. He gives us the Swarovski Crystal Star Ornament that they design each year. The way they hang on the tree, with the Christmas lights refracting thru the crystal is simply stunning. 

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