Family Friday / 4.17.15

After an early dinner with a girlfriend of mine on Thursday night, bags already packed in the car, I drove up to LKN to sleep over at my sisters house so I could easily wake up in the morning and be able to see my niece get the Terrific Kid award at her school, sans I77 traffic. 
My sister and I surprised the kids, I got to the house after they were in bed for the night and they had no idea I was coming. 

I had already planned to take the entire day off from work so I could enjoy the whole day with my sister and the kids after they got home from school + go to Sydney Bug’s soccer game at 530. It takes a good 45+ minutes to drive to my sisters house and with traffic, especially Friday traffic, going back & forth for both events was just out of the question! lol 

After the big award, we were back at the house around 10ish,  enjoyed another cup of coffee & the rest of the morning while my sister got some work done in the office & I did a little work online myself. 

Off to lunch around noon at 131 Main + a few errands and then it was time to get home to meet the kids as they got home from school.

We started with the smoked salmon app, a fave of my sis & I’s. I don’t eat the bread.
I had the Crabcake Salad which I ordered with no dressing. They brought it out with the dressing & I just had to send it back. I absolutely hate sending anything back, I feel so bad but I just couldn’t handle it. It was swimming in not only the salad dressing, but the crab cake super thick & creamy sauce, too. Ick! 
Any way, just imagine this salad dressing free 🙂

the jalapeño corn bread is a must!

After 4.5 days, the rain had finally came to stop! Thank you, God. I was wanting to get a little movement in so with my niece & nephew on their bike & scooter, we did a long loop all around the neighborhood & I ran behind them. By the time we made it back to the house one of my sisters friends had gotten there with her 3 little girls, the oldest, one of my Sydney Bug’s BFF’s — we set off for another lap around the ‘hood running, walking, skipping, picking dandelions & making wishes. It was seriously sweet. 

these cuties

All around the neighborhood, 2x, winded up being about 2 miles. 

Pretty soon after that it was time to get ready to head to the soccer fields! Our team won, Sydney killed it on the field, got an elbow to the nose, there were some tears but she shook it off and went back in the game to score a goal for her team! 

the only picture I could get of this little guy all day. I asked for one together a hundred times and it never happened! lol 

I cherish days like these and I am so happy that I am close by so I can make to all these special events & be apart of my niece & nephews lives! Hope you all had a wonderful week & cheers to the weekend! xx

Much Love,

Before I sign off…meet Jasper. My sisters cat. We call him Jappy. 
He was flirting with me upstairs & we had a little afternoon photoshoot…
I just had to share! lol 

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