Fat Burner Breakfast – Eggs + Avocado

Breakfast is not only my favorite meal of the day, but the most important meal of the day. Your morning ritual sets the tone for your day ahead and this should include a healthy, nourishing breakfast to fuel your body, brain & kickstart your metabolism for the day! 

2 of my favorite foods, Eggs & Avocado — I literally eat them every day of my life — happen to be 2 of the best foods you can eat to assist your body in burning fat. And eating these guys together!?…Even better! 

Combining Eggs & Avocado provides your body with the protein + healthy, monounsaturated & Oleic Fatty Acids that your body needs to feel satiated longer & increase your metabolism which in turn burns body fat. Additionally, both eggs & avocados are nutritionally dense foods, nourishing your body with vitamins & minerals like lutein, B-Vitamins, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, fiber & potassium, to name a few. 

Add this breakfast to your morning routine a minimum of 3x per week to see & feel a difference in your body & energy levels! 

Fat Burner Breakfast: 
Organic Eggs. 2 or 3, depending on my appetite & workouts. (listen to your body) 
– Organic Coconut Oil. The only thing I use to cook my eggs with, use just enough to coat the pan.
Organic Avocado. 1/2 
Cayenne Pepper. Depending on your like/dislike of spice, sprinkle a bit of this fat burning spice on top of your eggies to fuel the fire, so to speak 🙂
Sea Salt. Just a pinch — a little high quality salt, such as sea salt is healthy in regulating your body fluids, especially if your working out & sweating often. 

Eat Clean. Get Lean. Abs Are Made In The Kitchen! 😉 xx

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