Faux Fur

A fab Faux Fur is one of those style staples that every girl needs in her closet!

{ I just had to share this shot first! The sun was so bright on these steps and in my head, I’m thinking I’m totally getting blasted by the sun, what the heck is Adam thinking/seeing!? These shots are NOT going to look good. As always, my love knew what he was doing on the other side of the lens. We were testing light & I was flashing a big, cheesy smile, just being silly and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos from this look. Hope you like it, too! }

When its come to finding a faux fur, your options are endless! Take the time to find one that you love, whether you want a jacket, a vest, or both. Take good care of it & you can pull it out of your closet to wear year after year.

This outfit is nothing more than a black tee & ripped jeans… you know, my go-to uniform. lol However, throwing on this fabulous fur, creates a killer outfit!
A few years ago, I found a really great faux fur vest from a local boutique that I still love & wear. Adding to my faux collection, I found this cropped faux fur jacket, at Abercrombie, of all places! I’m in LOVE with this jacket, you guys – the color, the quality, look & feel – everything! When putting together this post and linking items for you all to shop, I was so sad to see that this exact jacket is sold out! 🙁 I’ve linked loads of fun faux furs below that I love and want myself!
There are several on sale so click around and I hope you see something you love, too!

{ its crazy how much I look like my mother in this photo }

Thanks for reading! Wishing everyone a wonderful week! xx

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