Favorite Face Exfoliators

How many times a week do you exfoliate? I am a HUGE fan of exfoliating and love to exfoliate head to toe weekly. But today, we’re going to stick to talking about exfoliating that beautiful face of yours! Throughout the years, I’ve found that exfoliating 2x a week is more than plenty for my dry x super sensitive skin. Any more, and my already dry face starts to freak out.

I keep my skin care regime pretty simple, but I definitely cannot live without a good exfoliator. I swear by this important skin care step for a smooth & even complexion + glowing skin! Also, regular exfoliation promotes cell turnover by getting rid of dull, dead skin cells AND gets rid of all those nasty toxins & pollution we come in contact with on the daily. If exfoliating your face isn’t already a part of your weekly ‘about face’ routine then I hope this post inspires you to add this beauty-booting step into the mix – asap! Dermalogica is and has been one of my favorite skin care brands for years and I find myself always coming back to it after test driving other brands. I love that Dermalogica is free of common skin irritants & ingredients like alcohol + artificial colors & fragrances and my skin seems to always relish in their products.

Just in case you might be skipping out on this oh-so-imporant step in your skin care routine and looking to add it or your just up for trying out a new exfoliator,  I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorite exfoliators below. I’m currently making my way thru the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant. This is the latest version of their Daily Microfoliant. I’ve used & love both – but I’m really digging the activated charcoal in the new Superfoliant –  Its SO good!

FYI: I’m a big fan of Ulta for a lot of my beauty & skin care products. If your not already on their email list, be sure to sign up here – they are constantly sending out emails with promotions, discounts & their rewards program really racks up some nice points from all your purchases which = money back to you! #WINNING

This post wouldn’t be complete without sharing this little gem of an exfoliation sponge I discovered from SpaCells a couple years ago! Its one of my all time ways to exfoliate my face! It has 2 sides – one is more firm, the other softer – and makes your face feel silky smooth. I like to use this in the shower to exfoliate my face, neck & décolletage.

What are some of your favorite exfoliators!? Please share in the comments below. I always love trying out new skin care products! 

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